Woman Retires Car With Huge Mileage Total

Woman Retires Car With Huge Mileage Total: These days, most people consider themselves lucky if a new car takes 5 to 10 years. Make it to 100,000 miles in your vehicle, and the car company could make a commercial about you. That makes 93 years old Rachel Veitch a notable exception. Veitch retire her 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente after over 576,000 miles on the road.Woman Retires Car
“I am blind, so I can not ride my beautiful Chariot,” Veitch at FoxNews.com. “They do not take away, I would not dream of driving that car again.” The car itself is fine, but Veitch has macular degeneration, both in her eyes, making them blind. After running a red light in March, she decided to voluntarily relinquish the car she drives since Lyndon Johnson occupied the White House.
“I have taken the step,” she said. “I do not have cancer, I do not have Lou Gehrig’s disease. Lucky I am.”
But for all the miles she has on her vehicle, it does not come near the world record. The Truth About Cars blog wrote that the 1966 Volvo P1800 Irv Gordon is scheduled to reach 3 million miles this year. Gordon has held the record in the Guinness Book of World Records for most miles on a non-commercial vehicle since 1998.
Even without the world, Vietch loves to note that the car survived three marriages. Mechanically, it is supported by three sets of shocks, 18 batteries and eight dampers. Veitch bought the car in February 1964 for only $ 3,289.
She credits the life of a “near-obsessive” approach to car maintenance. “I’ve never been a destructive person and I just thought of everything, except my husband,” she told FoxNews.
Veitch, with cars appeared on August 1, 2010 episode of the “Tonight Show” said that they would like to sell the vehicle to Jay Leno, a well known car afficionado host. She is not sure whether Leno would be interested, but her four children, nine grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, are not consistent.
“It does not matter if they did, they are not going to get it. They could not care for it as I did,” she told FoxNews.

The Google April Fools Day 2012

The Google April Fools Day 2012: You can also use Google to your tablet device and your phone, but unfortunately, you’ve never been able to use it on your Nintendo. No longer! On April 1, Google debuted its newest product, Quest, which uses Google Maps to get you an 8-bit video game adventure.google Nascar april fool joke
Of course, the date is a dead giveaway that this is one of the famous April Fools’ Day Google strokes and can prove to be their most popular still are. The joke plays right in a certain generation nostalgic for the time that graphics were not as smooth and you had to blow into a pattern for a game to get to work properly.
A person can easily spend one hour in the Quest, which is full of Easter eggs. Google has an orientation video to help you get started, but if you go to Google Maps and click on the “Quest” button in the upper right corner, you can use your low-res graphic adventure begin.
Two recommended activities: Visit the entire list of world monuments rendered in 8-bit, including the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal, and zooming all the way down to street view to look at your home or at work in Quest mode.
Quest is not only April Fools’ Day joke this year’s Google. Here are some of the other ways the company pulls your leg:
“The YouTube Collection”: A DVD set of YouTube videos, grouped by topics such as “Kittens and puppies” or “‘Stuff’ people say.” If you are the last to order, a form tells you that you have thousands of drives selected and asks if you want to have it delivered via the shipping trucks or cargo. You can also use them in Betamax. Make sure you do click through on the order form.
Chrome Multitask Mode: Google Chrome Browse by more than one cursor at a time for extra work. Actually you will get dozens of cursors, and maybe a few GIANT cursors. They will be like flies buzzing around the monitor. “Welcome to the ambinavigation revolution.”
Really Google Advanced Search, which language nerds will enjoy: The extensive search fields, you can find “Rhyming slang for,” and “Confusing grammatical faux pas”, among other very specific criteria. Do not forget to Comic Sans as the font choice.
The Next Web has a roundup of a few other small Google jokes. Were you fooled? Have you found something cool in your Google Quest? Tell us in the comments.

Why you Don’t Want To Win Mega Millions

Why you Don’t Want To Win Mega Millions: Do you find yourself dreaming about the day your lucky numbers are called? Or, to fantasize about what numbers are hiding under the bar of silver scratch-off ticket bought on impulse, while gassing up?
The lure of “Mega Millions”, “Powerball” lottery jackpot and have millions more people in search of, well, millions of people. And while it’s fun to fantasize about what they have more money than you can count it would be like winning the lottery may not be all it is cracked up to be.
World record $ 540 million lottery drawing:mega millions1
A windfall winnings widely publicized, which finally allows the luxury of giving, a trip around the world, a luxury car or flat screen TV for every room in your house just might ruin your life.
Here is a look ugly on the landing loot everything that can bring to your life. And remember that being mega rich is not everything it is cracked up to be.
1. Your friends will enjoy:
Once the word is out that you had the winning ticket, you can expect everyone to try to ingratiate themselves to you, a university student you have not heard in 20 years and the guy you tortured in the yard of the kindergarten, the colleague carpool parents and “friends” is barely recognizable. It ‘s common for lottery winners to see a flood of friend requests online and in person, ranging from wanting to share a meal to suggest a weekend to relax or recover. Of course, these “friends” all the hopes that you will ultimately foot the bill for their own good time.
After that she was part of a pool of 12 people who won the Powerball Missouri in 2006 and split $ 224 million Sandra Hayes had to rethink its social network. “It ‘became necessary to be careful about making friends with some people, because it can be cruel and have alternative reasons to make friends with you. Some people think that just because you have money, you owe them money,” he says.
“When I would go out with friends and we stopped to get something to eat, that he would order the food and then announce that they have no money to pay, which happened a couple of times,” says Hayes. He quickly realized the level of his friends and stopped to eat with them. “Eventually I stopped going out with everything.”
Lottery winners will receive requests from friends and best friends are hopeful that they need a rescue personnel, too.Hayes says one of his friends also expected her to save their family from their mali serious financial difficulties. “I did not save them thanks to the advice of my financial adviser, who told me that if I saved them would continue to sponge me. If you do not draw the line, I would go broke,” he says.
7 things you could do if you Winthe Mega Millions Jackpot:
2. Your relationship may fail:
Money troubles can put a strain on a relationship. But those who come into unexpected finding great going into a lot of money all at once can also undermine a relationship.
Alexey Bulankov, a certified financial planner who has worked with a family who won a lottery jackpot has seen firsthand the devastation this. “After a series of unfortunate financial decisions, the family fell apart,” he says. Bulankov says her husband, who was emotionally unprepared for the enormous responsibility and pressure to win the lottery, has led to gambling and womanizing to address the problems of adapting to his new lifestyle. When his wife found out, he reacted with shopping vindictive.
Eventually, they talked and sorted out, says Bulankov. “Needless to say that the level of confidence was not the same and fight and blame, paying for the extravagance of their fortune has become routine in the presence of this family, once strongly united,” says Bulankov.
3. You will have an increased risk of failure:
Since you should sufficient paste to clear your debt, bankruptcy seems like a long shot after winning the lottery. But experts say lottery winners actually are at higher risk of failure.
“The winners of credit suddenly much more to them than they’ve ever had. This makes them more likely to make purchases on credit, rather than use the money,” says Scott Dillon, a senior bankruptcy lawyer Tully Rinckey in Albany , NY “The winners are much more willing to make impulse purchases significantly beyond their means before. So the amounts of purchase will be much higher, making the interest earned on these cards are very high. And why not stop to think that money could run out, the winners usually do not think they need to create a monthly budget or live. ”
“While it may be a contradiction, a great influx of wealth without proper planning can easily lead people to forget the need to save for the future,” adds Dan White, founder and president of Daniel A. White & Associates, a financial planning company in Glens Mills, Pa., that specializes in asset protection and planning for tran.

4. You will fight a large number of family members had been lost:sition to retirement.

Jeff Motske, a financial consultant and president of Trilogy Financial Services, based in Huntington Beach, California, says that lottery winners often become targets of long-lost relatives who knock at the door with one hand and hold the other palm up. Somehow I think that when a member of the family wins the lottery, the whole family wins the lot. “A family member who wins the lottery look like a better option than a bank of fast money that comes with the price of little to no interest paid, and no application process,” says Motske.
So many winners are fielding requests for help with a stack of credit cards or medical debt, foreclosure or car repairs.
“Most of my family I was treated the same as before I won the lottery, however, there were those families who have suffered the syndrome of the right,” says Hayes. “Some of my family with whom I have not had a previous relationship with before winning the lottery is out of the closet and began to call me to butter me up just for the money.”
Donations to charity: What you should know:
Hayes says he has faced his share of negative experiences, including family members borrow the money they thought of not having to pay again. “Some family members gave me a gift of money for a special occasion thought he should give more,” says Hayes.
5. You’ll be a target for a string of lawsuits and scams:
Hoping to carve out a piece of your fortune, says Motske Lottery winners are often targets for bogus reasons why everyone starts to come after them. “If the winnings are in the public domain, the winners can point their phone never stop ringing. Winners hear from investors, reputable companies and scammers, and every designer / intrigue under the sun,” he says.
They also need to be wary of people who deliberately “slip and fall” on their property, including winners rear ends them and so on. That includes entrepreneurs, baby sitters, friends and relatives who visit, borrow your car, etc.
Hayes says he has suffered some less than honest business. “Some people I dealt with were honest, but others were not. I experienced contractors who change their jobs for a higher price after finding out that I won the lottery,” he says. “Now I only work with people who have been directed to trusted associates, friends or family.”

Record Breaking Jackpot Still Up For Grabs

Record Breaking Jackpot Still Up For Grabs: The multi state Mega Millions lottery grew to a record $ 476 million jackpot entry in the drawing this Friday. The jackpot has risen again, after that no one chose the six winning numbers in the correct balance on Tuesday.mega millions
Several competitors came on Tuesday, with AP reporting that 47 players matched 5 of 6 numbers. Each of these tickets is reportedly worth at least $ 250,000.
The previous all time high premiums were $ 390 million, split by two winners from Georgia and New Jersey in 2007. The game Mega Millions is played in over 40 states, along with Washington, DC, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
So where would be a $ 476 million jackpot is part of the list of richest Americans individuals? Depending on the amount of your winnings are delivered to the government of taxes, you could end up richer than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is worth an estimated $ 250 million. You would almost certainly have more cash on hand of NBA superstar LeBron James, who is worth an estimated $ 120 million. And you could buy more meat than all the clothes of Lady Gaga, like last year was estimated to have earned about $ 90 million.
Of course, as we noted here at Sideshow aficionados, winning the lottery has its ups and downs. On Tuesday, Emily Leach, who recently won a $ 1 million Mega Millions lottery in California told the San Jose Mercury News that he had accidentally given away a second winning lottery ticket worth $ 260,000. Leach says he accidentally gave away the ticket to a homeless man, who was intentionally giving $ 100. However, state lottery officials who are reviewing the video of Leach leaving the store where he bought the ticket says that it seems that the man intentionally gave some of lottery tickets that he had just purchased.

The Mega Millions jackpot At $363 Million

The Mega Millions jackpot At $363 Million: Brisk ticket sales pushed the jackpot for the Mega Millions drawing Tuesday night to $ 363 million, but $ 27 million shy of the record Georgia Lottery payout.mega millions
If a player linked in all six numbers drawing on Tuesday 9, 19, 34, 44, 51, 24, the Mega Ball or she can choose from $ 13 million per year for 26 years or a single payment worth approximately $ 259 million before tax .
The prize for the multi-state game has grown steadily since Marcia Adams of College Park won a $ 72 million jackpot late January. The jackpot has rolled over 17 times since then.
The Georgia Lottery Mega Millions jackpot record of $ 390 million won on March 6, 2007. That jackpot was split by the players in Georgia and New Jersey.The jackpot for the Powerball game Wednesday is $ 50 million.

Slaying In Florida: Was Trayvon Martin’s Killer

Slaying In Florida: Was Trayvon Martin’s Killer: George Zimmerman time criminal justice classes at the community college and was almost a one-man neighborhood watch in his gated area of the city and called police around 50 times in the past eight years for such things as slow driving cars to report strangers loitering in the neighborhood and open garages.Slaying in Florida Was Trayvon Martin’s killer
Now, suddenly, people are wondering if the 28 year old Zimmerman is a serious if somewhat industrious young man who was just looking for his neighborhood, or a wannabe cop who tried to court in his own hands.He been in the center of a growing craze on its own direction, self-defense and racial profiling because he shot an unarmed black teenager who walked through his neighborhood on Feb. 26 with only a bag of Skittles and an iced tea.
Zimmerman, a light-skinned Hispanic, claimed self-defense in killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and is not charged, but many black leaders demand his arrest, and state and federal authorities are investigating. Florida’s Stand Your Ground law allows people to self-defense wide latitude to use deadly force.
Lawyers for Martin’s parents say Zimmerman is an “unguided missile.” “He is a wannabe cop,” said attorney Benjamin Crump. “Why did he have a gun?” But some neighbors are welcome vigilance, at least for the shooting.
Samantha Leigh Hamilton, a car dealership employee who Zimmerman lived on the street about a year, said she once left her garage door and Zimmerman noted that while walking his dog. He met another neighbor who let Hamilton know. “The only impression I have of George Zimmerman is a good,” Hamilton said Wednesday.
Hamilton said another neighbor, a black woman, would regularly Zimmerman informed when she was out of town so he could keep an eye on her place. Hamilton said that when she moved to the middle class, racially mixed community of about 250 identical houses in the city, the black neighbor told her: “Hey, if you need anything, you really picked a good environment, because George is a part of our neighborhood watch. ”
Zimmerman, who was captain of the neighborhood watch and a license to carry a weapon, 46 calls to the police since 2004, according to a police department records.In call report, the dispatcher noted that Zimmerman called about a vehicle “rides very slowly, looking at all the other vehicles in the complex and blasting music. “In another call from August last year, Zimmerman reported on two black male teenagers in the neighborhood. He found them suspicious.
A police spokesman said Sanford, a city of 53,000 people outside Orlando, which is 57 percent white and 30 percent black, did not return repeated calls for comment on Zimmerman reports.Sanford town board on Wednesday voted 3-2 to “no confidence “in Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. pressing on the treatment of the fatal shooting. The committee can not shoot Lee, however, because the head of the police reports to the city manager.Hamilton said there had been some burglaries in the past year, including a three doors away in which burglars took a TV and laptops .