Minimal Impact To Bukit Brown

Minimal Impact To Bukit Brown: The new road across Bukit Brown Cemetery will feature a vehicular bridge that will run for nearly a third of its 2km length, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as it announced the road’s final alignment yesterday.
The 670m vehicular bridge, which will run over existing creeks in the area, will minimise “impact to the existing terrain and surrounding environment”, while allowing for wildlife movement under it.bukit brown
The construction of the new road will also see less graves being exhumed. A total of 3,746 graves from Bukit Brown and Seh Ong cemeteries will be affected, less than the 5,000 originally expected.
Next-of-kin of graves affected by the construction have till the end of this year to register their claim before exhumation begins in early 2013. A full list of affected graves will be published in the newspapers and on the LTA website, and next-of-kin can register with the LTA by post, fax, online, or in person.
In arriving at its final alignment, the LTA said yesterday it “minimises land take in the area and impact to the existing terrain and surrounding environment”.
First announced in September, the new dual four lane road is expected to alleviate the congestion currently experienced along Lornie Road and the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) during peak hours and cater to expected growth in traffic. Lornie Road will also be converted to a dual two lane road with the extra area to be used as a park.
Despite several consultations over the past six months, some civic groups continued to raise concerns over the road alignment yesterday. Dr Ho Hua Chew, who is an executive committee member at the Nature Society Singapore, told Channel NewsAsia: “A lot of forest birds can be badly affected. If it’s under shadow, the vegetation will not flourish.”
Minister of State for National Development Tan Chuan-Jin, who chaired a briefing and discussion with groups on the road last night, said the decision to proceed with construction has understandably “caused disappointment to those who want to conserve Bukit Brown”. “I want to give assurance to those who have been giving us their views on this matter that the decision has not been an easy one,” Mr Tan wrote on his Facebook page. “While we have not been able to fully accommodate their wishes, we have taken many of their views into consideration.”
For instance, he noted the decision to embark on a serious documentation of the affected graves was a result of advice received from the heritage society. The LTA has also factored in feedback in its design of the road to minimise impact to the cemetery, hydrology and biodiversity, said Mr Tan. “Going forward, we need to continue with these conversations … For example, we are now looking at working with interested stakeholders on public outreach to commemorate the history and heritage of Bukit Brown even as we continue with work on documentation.”
When asked if the vehicular bridge would impact the cost of building the new road, an LTA spokesperson said: “Tenders have not been called at this point and the project cost will only be available after the tender is awarded.” Construction of the road is expected to complete by 2016.

National Bowler Remy Ong In Hit & Run Accident Involving Stray Dog

National bowler Remy Ong, 33, was involved in a hit and run accident on Sunday in which he hit a stray dog that later died.

He was driving outside the National Service Resort & Country Club in Changi in his black Porsche Boxter when he hit a female dog and also dislodged the car’s number plate. Continue…

Former MediaCorp Actor Acquitted of Cheating

Former MediaCorp Actor Acquitted of Cheating: A former MediaCorp actor was acquitted of charges of cheating two men of donations totalling $195,000 in connection with a charity football match he organised three years ago.

Delivering her judgement on Wednesday, District Judge Wong Choon Ning said that the prosecution had failed to prove its case against Lim Aik Seng. The 47-year-old, better known as Lin Yi-sheng, had been accused of deceiving the men into believing that cash donations received from a charity match – minus expenses – would be donated to the Metta Welfare Association. Continue Reading…

Ron Ng’s Fans Seek Revenge By Exposing Viann Zhang’s Vulgar Photos

Ron Ng’s Fans Seek Revenge By Exposing Viann Zhang’s Vulgar Photos: Since her debut, 35F mainland actress, Viann Zhang has generated numerous rumors, including allegations of plastic surgery and working as an escort. Photos in which Viann’s breast was grabbed by other men also circulated widely online.

Recently, Ron Ng’s fans unearthed old photos of Viann in which she stuck out her middle finger, chain smoked, and posed intimately with several men. Ron’s fans opposed their idol dating Viann Zhang; by digging up Viann’s scandalous photos from her past, Ron’s fans attained their great revenge. Fans hoped that Ron would recognize Viann’s true colors.

After dating Ron Ng, Viann Zhang rose from an obscure personality to increased recognition. At the same time, Ron’s fans were highly displeased with Viann, who they considered to be using Ron to promote herself.  Last month, when Viann posted a bed photo of herself on Ron’s Weibo blog, his fans scolded her vehemently. Unfortunately, the Weibo incident did not result in Ron giving up on Viann. Instead, Ron openly admitted that Viann was his girlfriend. Ron’s fans united to reveal the true face of Viann Zhang, hoping to seek their revenge. Continue Reading…

Nicole Chua To Be Singapore’s First Female MMA Fighter

Nicole Chua To Be Singapore’s First Female MMA Fighter: Nicole Chua is set to become Singapore’s first ever professional female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter when she makes her debut in the ONE Fighting Championship on 31 March at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The 27-year-old was unveiled on Tuesday at a press conference and will be competing against some of the region’s top fighters.

While Chua’s MMA debut will create history in the sport, it is her full-time occupation that will truly surprise many.

A full-time accountant by day, the diminutive and sweet looking girl switches from numbers to punches after work, following a strict training schedule with only one rest day per week.

“I train six days a week for around four to six hours a day. So the gym is like a second home to me,” said Chua, whose foundation is in Muay Thai.

With most of her time spent in the gym doing a sport that continues to be a stereotype among females, Chua admitted having sacrificed time with her loved ones and friends to focus on her preparations for the competition. Continue Reading…