Happy New Year 2012 Dalai Lama Victoria’s Secrets Models

Angel eyes: Adriana Lima wants to meet the Dalai Lama, get her driving license and take speech classes but confesses to never keeping her resolutions.

Happy New Year 2012 Dalai Lama Victoria’s Secrets Models: We all know how hard to keep new year’s resolutions, but that we should not stop the big goal. Victoria’s secret model lingerie store-shared their announcements in a chic video and their lucky panties party shows median color cheekily.

Blue eyes brunette Adriana Lima is the most ambitious list, which is meeting the Dalai Lama, finally got his driver’s license and was involved in learning to play the piano.Read More.

Happy New Year At Singapore

Celebrit the happy new year eve beach part in singapore.

Happy New Year At Singapore : Beach lovers, the mother of whole beach parties come in to the party is ready to bear if heat is a bit also much, only dive into the giant foam pool.

This New Year’s Eve at Asia’s largest beach to celebrate party the countdown citizenry party non stop music. 12 hours can be expected and pristine beaches,SilosoBeach1.2-kilometres part giant foam pool with a wet and wilderness party dip. 2012 to bring ready for. Read More.

Shakira Named Latin Recording Academy Person Of The Year

Shakira Named Latin Recording Academy Person Of The Year: As her father her career on Wednesday a carLas Vegasdinner celebrating serenaded Shakira broke in tears.

Black eyed peas rapper taboo and the Latin Recording Academy person Alejandra Guzman Mexican special tribute was named this yearColombiacame rocker as singer toast.

Venezuelan star Franco de Vita and salsa legend Gilberto Santa Rosa acts cool Shakira’s performance was among the hits, but her father William Mebarak to serenade her on stage as the most poignant moment of the night.

Shakira Mebarak wiped away tears as classic songs sung MI Niña Bonita (my great father and daughter on a large screen behind him the photos appeared, while the girl).

She later told him, “you, Dad, thanks for that song.”

Salsa star Marc Anthony hand with herCrystalplaque on Shakira crowd, saying “we are most certain humans, most talented human beings will one of you in attendance.” were

After receiving the trophy, Shakira in Spanish, “I’ll always take with me this night. Said it I’m sure I’m not fit, a respected but you made me very happy. ”

Grand finale of Shakira for her hometown ofBarranquillame Quedo track En Barranquilla and dedicated to his Salsa moves showed off as he danced on stage.

According to the associated press,Shakira Latin Recording Academy to receive prestigious award from the young person with Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana is past honorees and Gloria Estefan.

Shakira, who on Tuesday honored a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to be honored with first becameColombiaa capped golden week.

Soccer Player Hotter than Alex Morgan and Hope Solo Sweden’s Josefine Oqvist

Soccer Player Hotter than Alex Morgan and Hope Solo Sweden’s Josefine Oqvist: There is a female football player out there is hard to believe that Alex is hotter than Morgan and hope solo, but we found her in Sweden and that his name was Josefine Oqvist. Tyreso FF and the Swedish national team plays for Oqvits to reach a major final. goal 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup semifinals against Canada scored; The Swedish rookie year ‘ 03 was nominated.

Oqvist was a member of the Sweden team that won a bronze medal at the 2011 World Cup and played in all the matches. Paul m. Banks sports Bank.net, an official Google News site unique visitors generating millions. He is also CEO of Chicago now, Walter Football.com, Yardbarker and is a regular contributor for Fox Sports.