Kanye West’s ‘Theraflu’ Was Originally

Kanye West’s ‘Theraflu’ Was Originally: Whenever hip hop needs an unforgettable moment, Kanye West always seem to have the remedy. The Louis Vuitton Don unexpectedly wowed fans Wednesday night when DJ Funkmaster Flex has given the green light to premiere “Theraflu,” his new Hit Boy produced single, which features both DJ Khaled and DJ Pharris.kanye west theraflu
Hit Boy Kanye estimates recorded the single a bit ‘more than a week ago, but initially did not even intend to Yeezy to be part of the record. “I actually sent him flying to Khaled, Khaled and gave ‘Ye,” the good Music producer told MTV News on Thursday (April 5). “It had to be on the album Khaled, and ‘Ye was just like,’ This must be out now. This is a record urgent ‘”
DJ Khaled, who is overwhelmed by the response of the record, said it was an exciting 48 hours, but he promises that there is more in the works. “I was in the studio with ‘Ye, and I was like,’ Let’s do something for your scrapbook, and do something for my album, ‘” Khaled told MTV News over the phone.
The charismatic DJ, who introduced “Theraflu,” has even higher hopes for the couple’s next single. “Just use your imagination on how best I’mma delivery. I’m not kiddin ‘,” Khaled joked.
He would not say when their next collaboration would fall, but revealed that the two have recorded a song that appears on Khaled next LP Kiss the Ring. “When we meet, we just do a little ‘of incredible music,” he said.
Texts, Kanye delivered a fiery performance of “Theraflu,” PETA baiting the hook with “Somebody tell my PETA Mink is draggin ‘on the floor.” He also, once again turns to his ex flame Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa and her boyfriend admitted that he fell in love with Kim Kardashian. It ‘s all rather intriguing, considering Kanye has avoided the media for almost two years.
“On my end, I had this thing with ‘Ye, where I say that there are no rules and no rules. It is not a format, and is not nobody going to tell us anything about what we do,” said Khaled. “This is how I wanted to meet on this record.”

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