Westwood Works Way Up Leaderboard At Masters 2012

Westwood Works Way Up Leaderboard At Masters 2012: Lee Westwood has an advantage in the first round at a major for the first time in his career.Not really the distinction he is trying, though.Westwood reeled off four straight birdies on the front on Thursday en route to a stress-free round of 5 – under-par 67 at the Masters, where he is still trying to win his first major championship.masters leaderboard
“I came close,” said Westwood. “I won everything there is to win other than a major championship. This is my primary objective and has been a long time to come around since the PGA last year.” One of Westwood’s closest call came two years ago at Augusta, when he started the final round with the lead. But he made a three putt bogey on No. 9 to give it away and ended up as a passer, while Phil Mickelson was handed his third green jacket.
This time, Westwood goes into Friday with a lead of a shot on Louis Oosthuizen and two in front of a group of six, including Paul Lawrie, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Francisco Molinari.The Brit, winner of 36 tournaments worldwide, he hit 16 greens in regulation after a light week of practice in a field that has always felt his game fits. He made four birdies in a row of numbers 5 to 8 and never needed a long putt of 10 feet.
“It ‘s nice to get off to a good start and have a platform to build from” Westwood said.He attacked the course of a soft, damp day that seemed ideal for scoring, but also included the pin placements tougher than usual to a Thursday, a set of golf balls on the fairways saturated confused when they disembarked.
In third place in the world, Westwood could well be the best player Without A Major. He finished in the top three six times since 2008, and has had much time to think about what they need to overcome the hump.
“When you’re in contention and not end up, go home and evaluate what did and what you can improve,” he said. “And this is what I did.” Bubba Watson, Ben Crane and Jason Dufner were other players in the tie at 3 under, with Peter Hanson also to that number, but still in progress.
Rory McIlroy shot 1 under 71 and Tiger Woods finished with a pair of bogeys to shoot even par-72. The bogey on 18 was actually a good save after his tee shot went into the trees and resulted in an unplayable lie.Woods opened its rattling around in his first tee shot from a tree and put the second in the creek well to the left of the second fairway. He recovered pars on both and felt pretty decent for the round, all things considered.
“I hit some of the worst rounds of golf I have ever hit today,” Woods said. “It ‘s OK. I just hung there, adjusted my way around the golf course, remained patient, who was at that time. I could have shot one, maybe two more, but I had a lot of that round.”
In search of his first major championship since the 2008 U.S. Open, Woods has come to play well. Two weeks ago, won his first PGA Tour event in 30 months. But on the driving range before his turn, said he felt something crawling on him.
“Old patterns. Some of my old stuff for a few years ago,” he said. “I’m trying to work through it. Occasionally, opens today and it popped up again.” Before Westwood finished his 5 senses, appeared larger story of the day would be Henrik Stenson, who spent most of the day and was in the lead at 5 under with a lead of two photos while on the tee box of 18 .
He hit that shot deep into the trees on the left and needed two more shots to reach the fairway. All part of a bad 8 a snowman that has dropped to 1 in 71 and in a tie for 15. “This is what happens here,” said Stenson. “It keeps Avalanche and I got the snowman at the end.”

Revelations Of Jackie Kennedy Bodyguard

Revelations Of Jackie Kennedy Bodyguard: The Secret Service agent assigned to the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy broke his long silence with a book of memoirs of the time, “Mrs. Kennedy and Me”.Jackie Kennedy Bodyguard
Clint Hill, the former agent was code named Dazzle, told the “Today” show has been on the scene for important events like the joyous birth of John F. Kennedy, Jr. Hill said he was walking on the floor as “an expectant father.” Hill was also beside the first lady for the holidays in Hyannisport, Mass., and travels abroad.
But the moment that has haunted the agent was the day the President was shot, November 22, 1963. As shown in the video of the day, Hill was riding the belief of the car behind the president and first lady parade in Dallas. As the bullet pierced the skull of the President, Hill was seen running from his car and drive to the president and first lady Jackie leans over the back of the car.
When Hill joined her, helped her recover some of the splatter from the shooting. He said, “He said: ‘They shot my head.’ He said, ‘Oh, Jack, what have they done?’ ”
When the car arrived at the hospital, Mrs. Kennedy refused to quit. Hill realized he did not want the public to see the President in his state: “It ‘was a very cruel,” he said, and meant to cover the head and back of Kennedy with his jacket. It ‘was then let go of the President.
In the days after the shooting, Hill reminds the public outpouring of grief, along with personal anguish of the family. When Jackie went to see the president killed by Bobby Kennedy, remembers that she asks: “‘Mr. Hill will make me a pair of scissors, please?,’ So I returned to the office clerk and a couple of scissors and gave them to her. And I stood there and I could feel, you know, clip, clip, clip. knew what was happening. “He believes that he was taking a lock of hair from the President.
Behind him, the coffin was transformed. He heard, “Crying, signs of great remorse, very sad. No words were spoken.” Hill said that even after 50 years, can not get those tragic moments out of your mind.

Kanye West’s ‘Theraflu’ Was Originally

Kanye West’s ‘Theraflu’ Was Originally: Whenever hip hop needs an unforgettable moment, Kanye West always seem to have the remedy. The Louis Vuitton Don unexpectedly wowed fans Wednesday night when DJ Funkmaster Flex has given the green light to premiere “Theraflu,” his new Hit Boy produced single, which features both DJ Khaled and DJ Pharris.kanye west theraflu
Hit Boy Kanye estimates recorded the single a bit ‘more than a week ago, but initially did not even intend to Yeezy to be part of the record. “I actually sent him flying to Khaled, Khaled and gave ‘Ye,” the good Music producer told MTV News on Thursday (April 5). “It had to be on the album Khaled, and ‘Ye was just like,’ This must be out now. This is a record urgent ‘”
DJ Khaled, who is overwhelmed by the response of the record, said it was an exciting 48 hours, but he promises that there is more in the works. “I was in the studio with ‘Ye, and I was like,’ Let’s do something for your scrapbook, and do something for my album, ‘” Khaled told MTV News over the phone.
The charismatic DJ, who introduced “Theraflu,” has even higher hopes for the couple’s next single. “Just use your imagination on how best I’mma delivery. I’m not kiddin ‘,” Khaled joked.
He would not say when their next collaboration would fall, but revealed that the two have recorded a song that appears on Khaled next LP Kiss the Ring. “When we meet, we just do a little ‘of incredible music,” he said.
Texts, Kanye delivered a fiery performance of “Theraflu,” PETA baiting the hook with “Somebody tell my PETA Mink is draggin ‘on the floor.” He also, once again turns to his ex flame Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa and her boyfriend admitted that he fell in love with Kim Kardashian. It ‘s all rather intriguing, considering Kanye has avoided the media for almost two years.
“On my end, I had this thing with ‘Ye, where I say that there are no rules and no rules. It is not a format, and is not nobody going to tell us anything about what we do,” said Khaled. “This is how I wanted to meet on this record.”