Revelations Of Jackie Kennedy Bodyguard

Revelations Of Jackie Kennedy Bodyguard: The Secret Service agent assigned to the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy broke his long silence with a book of memoirs of the time, “Mrs. Kennedy and Me”.Jackie Kennedy Bodyguard
Clint Hill, the former agent was code named Dazzle, told the “Today” show has been on the scene for important events like the joyous birth of John F. Kennedy, Jr. Hill said he was walking on the floor as “an expectant father.” Hill was also beside the first lady for the holidays in Hyannisport, Mass., and travels abroad.
But the moment that has haunted the agent was the day the President was shot, November 22, 1963. As shown in the video of the day, Hill was riding the belief of the car behind the president and first lady parade in Dallas. As the bullet pierced the skull of the President, Hill was seen running from his car and drive to the president and first lady Jackie leans over the back of the car.
When Hill joined her, helped her recover some of the splatter from the shooting. He said, “He said: ‘They shot my head.’ He said, ‘Oh, Jack, what have they done?’ ”
When the car arrived at the hospital, Mrs. Kennedy refused to quit. Hill realized he did not want the public to see the President in his state: “It ‘was a very cruel,” he said, and meant to cover the head and back of Kennedy with his jacket. It ‘was then let go of the President.
In the days after the shooting, Hill reminds the public outpouring of grief, along with personal anguish of the family. When Jackie went to see the president killed by Bobby Kennedy, remembers that she asks: “‘Mr. Hill will make me a pair of scissors, please?,’ So I returned to the office clerk and a couple of scissors and gave them to her. And I stood there and I could feel, you know, clip, clip, clip. knew what was happening. “He believes that he was taking a lock of hair from the President.
Behind him, the coffin was transformed. He heard, “Crying, signs of great remorse, very sad. No words were spoken.” Hill said that even after 50 years, can not get those tragic moments out of your mind.

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