What Is King Cake?

The concept behind the king cake is simple. It’s a cake made from cinnamon and honey with a hollow circle, and somewhere inside the cake is a small plastic baby doll. Whoever finds the figurine in their slice must bake or purchase the next cake.

How did this tradition come about? It all began in Europe, with the advent of the celebration of Epiphany, a Christian holiday that takes place 12 days after Christmas, celebrated in many parts of the world. The original interpretation of the cake is that it is a symbol for the three wise men who brought gifts for the baby Jesus. The celebration culminates in a grand feast and an exchange of gifts among family and friends.

However, here in the United States, the king cake is most often associated with the celebration of Mardi Gras. The top of the cake is decorated with the trademark symbolic colors of the celebration — purple, green, and gold, each representing justice, faith, and power, respectively. Here, the hidden surprise takes on another meaning. It is often said that whoever is lucky enough to receive that slice with the figurine becomes the king or queen for a day — surely a welcome surprise, unless, that is, one is unfortunate enough to bite down on the doll. So eat your king cake carefully…Click Here For King Cake Recipe.

Lowly mudbugs fuel annual Fat Tuesday celebration at Duck Inn

It’s not the Guinness Book of Records holder for world’s most popular party like Brazil’s Carnival celebration, nor does it have the elaborate floats and costumes found in the street parades on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street.

But what Evansville’s Duck Inn does have is its own unique recipe for one of Mardi Gras’ favorite spicy delicacies. It’s one that’s known by many names: mud bugs, crawdads, yabbies, nippers and spoondogs to name a few.

Crawfish is what they’re more commonly called, and it’s what has brought Rick and Kerri Delano to the Duck Inn every Fat Tuesday for the past three years. Between them, their daughter Brittany Delano and Kerri Delano’s sister and brother-in-law Kris and Mike Lanham from Ohio, the party sucked the heads out of more than five pounds of the Cajun crustacean, piling up a tab of more than $100.

“If you go down to New Orleans, you get drunk, sick, maybe get pick pocketed,” said Rick Delano, who likes crawfish but prefers shrimp pasta. “We just hang in Evansville and have our party here. Continue…

Interview With Vikash Dhorasoo & Fred Poulet

English: Vikash Dhorasoo arriving at the Parc ...

In his playing days, Vikash Dhorasoo was never one to follow the crowd. As comfortable reading Jonathan Coe or listening to Belle & Sebastian as he was dribbling through midfield for Lyon, Paris Saint-Germain and France, his venture into cinema was hardly likely to produce Escape To Victory 2. And it didn’t.

Made in collaboration with his friend, director Fred Poulet, Substitute chronicles Dhorasoo’s role as a barely-used squad member in France’s run to the 2006 World Cup final. Recorded in analogue on a hand-held Super-8, the film’s constant soundtrack is the whirr of the camera, accentuating the extraordinary intimacy that Substitute creates. In an era that presents every nuance and contour of the football landscape in airbrushed, HD glory, Substitute is a fascinating and unpolished peek backstage.

As the film develops, we see him sink further and further into a black mood, alone in his room on the periphery of the frenzy of excitement, feeling betrayed at being overlooked by coach Raymond Domenech, the man who gave him his first call-up for France Under-21s in 1994. Continue…

Google Celebrates Heinrich Rudolf Hertz Birthday

Today’s google doodle features a never-ending loop of colorful waves.

Unlike other doodles, this one does not form the letters of the search engine’s famous logo.

The doodle is in honor of the 155th birthday of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, German physicist who clarified and expanded the electromagnetic theory of light that had been put forth by Maxwell.

Hertz who was born on February 22, 1857 in in Hamburg, Germany was the first to satisfactorily demonstrate the existence of electromagnetic waves by building an apparatus to produce and detect radio waves. Continue…

New Album Reign Of Terror Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells perfected the wallop on “Treats,” their 2010 debut album. Like Run-D.M.C. decades earlier Sleigh Bells’ songwriter and guitarist Derek Miller combined raw drum-machine beats with rock power chords: a syncopated sputter and crunch that offset the sweet,breathy vocals of Alexis Krauss, the band’s other member. Sleigh Bells’ new album, “Reign of Terror” (Mom + Pop Music), doesn’t need to wallop any harder. Instead, the songs expand in other ways. They offer long-lined melodies instead of chants, more extensive layers of guitar, and lyrics that open themselves to reflection and sorrow. Continue…

Elizabeth Smart Marries at Hawaii Temple

Elizabeth Smart married her fiance Saturday at a Mormon temple in Hawaii.

A family spokesman said the Utah woman who was kidnapped at knifepoint at age 14 and held captive for nine months married Matthew Gilmour on Oahu’s North Shore.

The 24-year-old Smart is a senior at Brigham Young University. She met Gilmour, of Aberdeen, Scotland, while doing Mormon missionary work in Paris.

The couple wed at the Laie Hawaii Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in front of a small group of family members, spokesman Chris Thomas said in a statement. The group then celebrated at a private reception and luau. Continue…