Jackpot Increases To $640 Mega Mania Million

Jackpot Increases To $640 Mega Mania Million: Lines of lottery tickets being swelled SI Mega Millions jackpot and raised a record $ 640 million, much thanks to the players who have opened their wallets, despite Long odds of success. Officials estimated ticket buyers will have spent a Superior 1.46 Billion Dollars for the jackpot for the moment are the numbers drawn Friday night.jackpot Mega Millions
A coffee worker in Arizona reported selling 2.600 dollars worth of tickets to the Single Buyer of the United Nations while retired soldier of the United Nations in Wisconsin has doubled expenditure Adjust your weekly subscription of $ 55. But each would have had to put down other millions to ensure the victory of what could be a lot bigger payout Unique Worldwide.
“I’m being a stupid throw that kind of money,” said Jesse Carter, who spent the $ 55 and Donati The Last tickets because the UN has bought the shop in Milwaukee Friday a UN charity. “But it’s a chance ‘to take in life, with Everything That destiny.”
The jackpot, if taken as a lump sum 462 Million Dollars and AFTER the Federal withholding tax, operates an approximately 347 Million Dollars. With the jackpot odds to 1 in 176 million euros, Che would cost 176 million dollars to buy every combination. Under a scenario of fable, the STRATEGY would Won 171 Million Dollars Meno Also Been holds if Your Taxes.
Laura Horsley, who makes communication and trade for a trade association, has purchased $ 20 Quick Pick ticket for a United Nations center in Washington, DC, Liquor Store Friday. But Horsley, who said that the UN will not buy a lottery ticket Meno What the jackpot tops $ 100 million, and remained realistic.
“I actually do not I Think I’m Going To win one, and I do not believe in superstitions or numbers or something similar”, he said. “I just thought that was just around the corner. I’d be crazy not challenge at least hit the United Nations.” Thousands of players converged What do convenience stores in 42 static and Washington, DC, dove Mega Millions tickets are sold for agreement.
Kelly Cripe, spokesman for the Lottery Commission of Texas, said they are on Tuesday, Sales at national level for the DESIGN of a Mega Millions Over 839 Million Dollars. UN officials further projected $ 618.5 million in sales before the drawing on Friday, however, A Projection of Total Sales by More Than 1.46 Billion Dollars. “This is unprecedented,” he said Friday via e-mail Cripe.
Some players managed a freebies Indiana, Hoosier Lottery officials Given Way Of A Free Mega Millions tickets for each of the Top 540 players in more OUTPUTS All in the State Plan Announced Friday May first and the jackpot grew to $ 100 million.
In Indianapolis, Student of Chris Stewart said he present at the lottery office to Be At 6.30 in the first line.
“I’ve never Seen UN jackpot similarity before,” said Stewart, who has purchased five additional tickets. “If I Won I mean wow! What I would not do so. I’d like to think much of what I could not rate one with It.”
The lines were outside the door to the bar Den Rosie IN northwestern Arizona Rural Community of White Hills, 72 miles south east of Las Vegas and Nevada to Close More Points A, Che Guevara MAKES no Mega Millions for buyers Get in the game.
Worker Rosie said Christine Millim That was non-stop for four days.
“I Sold In One Step 2.600 dollars worth So, Che was a person,” he said.
Mike Catalano, Chairman of the Department of Mathematics pressotherapy Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD, give math and Clare: More IT purchase tickets, more chances’ you have of winning. Better Long-shot chance ‘, of course.
“You are about 50 times more likely to get struck by lightning UN, come to win the lottery, on the basis of 90 of people who struck the United Nations United Nations Year of lightning,” he said Catalano. “Of course, if you buy 50 tickets, you Pareggiato your chances of winning the jackpot by getting hit by lightning the United Nations.”
Based on other means of communications of Americans, you are about 8.000 times more likely to be killed rather than winning the lottery, and about 20.000 times more likely to die of the United Nations Car accident that hit the Lucky Numbers, has said Catalano .
David Kramer, lawyer for the United Nations to Lincoln, Nebraska, purchasing the Mega Millions ticket was not about “the chance to ‘Win a realistic”.
“And ‘The Fact That for Three Days, a time fantasizing about what I would do if I Won the UN and great fun and, frankly, a very beautiful version of a normal day,” he said.
Eahmer Everett, 80 Years, St. Paul, Minnesota, said he was Playing the lottery “very beginning”.
“If I win, the first thing I’m going to buy a fare and (Tim) Tebow football shirt, and I’m going to rate the Tebow posing,” he said Eahmer, which he bought five tickets Thursday. “I am with him in honor of the United Nations Higher Power.”
Lottery officials are happy to record HAVE Friday Mega Millions jackpot fueling sales of tickets, but They Also on guard against exorbitant charges.
“When people ask me, I simply terrible Che Che Lottery Chances Of A fee of UN Game of Destiny,” he said Chuck Strutt, executive director of Urbandale, Iowa-based Multi-State Lottery Association, At that oversees Mega Millions, Powerball and other lotteries. “Just Buy Tickets United Nations, sit down and SEE if fate pointed the finger at you for whom this day.”

Paul Ryan Endorses Mitt Romney For President

Paul Ryan Endorses Mitt Romney For President: Representative Paul Ryan unveiled its endorsement of Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination Friday, four days before the primaries in the state a week after Ryan and Romney threw his support behind the budget of the House budget committee chairman the blueprint.Paul Ryan
“Who makes the best president? And who has the best chance of defeating Barack Obama?” Ryan said on Fox News. “In my opinion, Mitt Romney is clearly the person.”
After speaking with Romney and his staff on the economic problems of the country, Ryan said: “I am convinced that Mitt Romney’s skills, perseverance, principles, courage and integrity to do what is necessary to return times America has to follow. ”
The long slog to the nomination is productive, constructive, and made the candidates better, Ryan said, but it’s time to choose a winner. Romney’s rivals for the nomination – former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, former House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, and Representative Ron Paul of Texas – far behind Romney in the number of delegates they have been able to retrieve.
“I think we have a stage where it can be counterproductive if it drags a lot longer, entering” Ryan said. “So that’s why I think we should merge and conservatives around Mitt Romney.”
Romney said in a statement released by his campaign that he is grateful for Ryan’s endorsement and praised the Congressman for his work in an attempt to wrestle the national debt under control. The House on Thursday passed Ryan budget, calling for major changes in Medicaid and Medicare in an effort to deficit.Its prospects in the Democratic-controlled Senate trim little.
“In the fight for fiscal responsibility, we wind wind was from the Democratic Party and the Obama White House,” said Romney. “But with the support Paul Ryan, I have every confidence that we headwinds to overcome, to recapture the White House for the American people, and begin the hard work of setting our country on a better course.”
The Democratic National Committee greeted news of the approval of a new web video entitled “That’s Amore,” poking fun of the “Bromance” between Romney and Ryan. An accompanying memo from Brad Woodhouse, the committee communications director, detailed what he characterized as the “extreme” ideas both men to share, such as proposing the partial privatization of Medicare, while calling for tax cuts for the rich.
Ryan’s support follows a recent series of high-profile endorsements for Romney, who formally received the nod of the ex-president George HW Bush on Thursday in Houston.
On Wednesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio gave his support to the former governor of Massachusetts. Rubio told National Review Online today that a floor fight at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August would make it harder for Obama to beat in the general election held just nine weeks later.

Why you Don’t Want To Win Mega Millions

Why you Don’t Want To Win Mega Millions: Do you find yourself dreaming about the day your lucky numbers are called? Or, to fantasize about what numbers are hiding under the bar of silver scratch-off ticket bought on impulse, while gassing up?
The lure of “Mega Millions”, “Powerball” lottery jackpot and have millions more people in search of, well, millions of people. And while it’s fun to fantasize about what they have more money than you can count it would be like winning the lottery may not be all it is cracked up to be.
World record $ 540 million lottery drawing:mega millions1
A windfall winnings widely publicized, which finally allows the luxury of giving, a trip around the world, a luxury car or flat screen TV for every room in your house just might ruin your life.
Here is a look ugly on the landing loot everything that can bring to your life. And remember that being mega rich is not everything it is cracked up to be.
1. Your friends will enjoy:
Once the word is out that you had the winning ticket, you can expect everyone to try to ingratiate themselves to you, a university student you have not heard in 20 years and the guy you tortured in the yard of the kindergarten, the colleague carpool parents and “friends” is barely recognizable. It ‘s common for lottery winners to see a flood of friend requests online and in person, ranging from wanting to share a meal to suggest a weekend to relax or recover. Of course, these “friends” all the hopes that you will ultimately foot the bill for their own good time.
After that she was part of a pool of 12 people who won the Powerball Missouri in 2006 and split $ 224 million Sandra Hayes had to rethink its social network. “It ‘became necessary to be careful about making friends with some people, because it can be cruel and have alternative reasons to make friends with you. Some people think that just because you have money, you owe them money,” he says.
“When I would go out with friends and we stopped to get something to eat, that he would order the food and then announce that they have no money to pay, which happened a couple of times,” says Hayes. He quickly realized the level of his friends and stopped to eat with them. “Eventually I stopped going out with everything.”
Lottery winners will receive requests from friends and best friends are hopeful that they need a rescue personnel, too.Hayes says one of his friends also expected her to save their family from their mali serious financial difficulties. “I did not save them thanks to the advice of my financial adviser, who told me that if I saved them would continue to sponge me. If you do not draw the line, I would go broke,” he says.
7 things you could do if you Winthe Mega Millions Jackpot:
2. Your relationship may fail:
Money troubles can put a strain on a relationship. But those who come into unexpected finding great going into a lot of money all at once can also undermine a relationship.
Alexey Bulankov, a certified financial planner who has worked with a family who won a lottery jackpot has seen firsthand the devastation this. “After a series of unfortunate financial decisions, the family fell apart,” he says. Bulankov says her husband, who was emotionally unprepared for the enormous responsibility and pressure to win the lottery, has led to gambling and womanizing to address the problems of adapting to his new lifestyle. When his wife found out, he reacted with shopping vindictive.
Eventually, they talked and sorted out, says Bulankov. “Needless to say that the level of confidence was not the same and fight and blame, paying for the extravagance of their fortune has become routine in the presence of this family, once strongly united,” says Bulankov.
3. You will have an increased risk of failure:
Since you should sufficient paste to clear your debt, bankruptcy seems like a long shot after winning the lottery. But experts say lottery winners actually are at higher risk of failure.
“The winners of credit suddenly much more to them than they’ve ever had. This makes them more likely to make purchases on credit, rather than use the money,” says Scott Dillon, a senior bankruptcy lawyer Tully Rinckey in Albany , NY “The winners are much more willing to make impulse purchases significantly beyond their means before. So the amounts of purchase will be much higher, making the interest earned on these cards are very high. And why not stop to think that money could run out, the winners usually do not think they need to create a monthly budget or live. ”
“While it may be a contradiction, a great influx of wealth without proper planning can easily lead people to forget the need to save for the future,” adds Dan White, founder and president of Daniel A. White & Associates, a financial planning company in Glens Mills, Pa., that specializes in asset protection and planning for tran.

4. You will fight a large number of family members had been lost:sition to retirement.

Jeff Motske, a financial consultant and president of Trilogy Financial Services, based in Huntington Beach, California, says that lottery winners often become targets of long-lost relatives who knock at the door with one hand and hold the other palm up. Somehow I think that when a member of the family wins the lottery, the whole family wins the lot. “A family member who wins the lottery look like a better option than a bank of fast money that comes with the price of little to no interest paid, and no application process,” says Motske.
So many winners are fielding requests for help with a stack of credit cards or medical debt, foreclosure or car repairs.
“Most of my family I was treated the same as before I won the lottery, however, there were those families who have suffered the syndrome of the right,” says Hayes. “Some of my family with whom I have not had a previous relationship with before winning the lottery is out of the closet and began to call me to butter me up just for the money.”
Donations to charity: What you should know:
Hayes says he has faced his share of negative experiences, including family members borrow the money they thought of not having to pay again. “Some family members gave me a gift of money for a special occasion thought he should give more,” says Hayes.
5. You’ll be a target for a string of lawsuits and scams:
Hoping to carve out a piece of your fortune, says Motske Lottery winners are often targets for bogus reasons why everyone starts to come after them. “If the winnings are in the public domain, the winners can point their phone never stop ringing. Winners hear from investors, reputable companies and scammers, and every designer / intrigue under the sun,” he says.
They also need to be wary of people who deliberately “slip and fall” on their property, including winners rear ends them and so on. That includes entrepreneurs, baby sitters, friends and relatives who visit, borrow your car, etc.
Hayes says he has suffered some less than honest business. “Some people I dealt with were honest, but others were not. I experienced contractors who change their jobs for a higher price after finding out that I won the lottery,” he says. “Now I only work with people who have been directed to trusted associates, friends or family.”

Excited Dog Greets Returning Soldier

Excited Dog Greets Returning Soldier: The unconditional love of a pet distinguishes itself as one of the most affectionate love there is. A video of a soldier is greeted by his dog go viral because the boxer is so happy to see his boss, he can not contain his excitement. Nick served eight months in Afghanistan, and when he returned to his wife, Katie, in Germany, Chuck was overjoyed to see him.Excited Dog Greets Returning Soldier
Two words come to Chuck so excited that he jumps out the back of a parked SUV and on command. “Daddy’s home” He then jumps over the soldier, licking him and crying with happiness. The soldier can not have a good grip on Chuck, because he is so happy and jumping and show how much he missed his owner.
Katie uploaded the video to YouTube less than a week ago, and it has more than 1.3 million views. This is not the first time Chuck is a viral video sensation. A year ago, he welcomed his boss returned from another deployment, and he was just as delighted to have him return home safely.
Next up, an airline passenger learned that airport security may not be as safe as they had hoped. A woman posted a photo on the social news site Reddit by a knife that she accidentally carried her bag through security. She broke the picture in the airplane toilet.
The image of the knife caused quite a stir, because the woman says she went through the X-ray scan, a manual inspection, and customs before they realized she had the knife with her on the aircraft. They also showed that the knife is not well hidden.
Her comments on the initiative after hundreds of users with their own stories about incompetent airport security checks, even with all the enhanced security measures currently in place. Some users called the proceedings “security theater” and said that the TSA is “ridiculous.” The user who posted the original photo never revealed where she had traveled from or its destination.

Record Breaking Jackpot Still Up For Grabs

Record Breaking Jackpot Still Up For Grabs: The multi state Mega Millions lottery grew to a record $ 476 million jackpot entry in the drawing this Friday. The jackpot has risen again, after that no one chose the six winning numbers in the correct balance on Tuesday.mega millions
Several competitors came on Tuesday, with AP reporting that 47 players matched 5 of 6 numbers. Each of these tickets is reportedly worth at least $ 250,000.
The previous all time high premiums were $ 390 million, split by two winners from Georgia and New Jersey in 2007. The game Mega Millions is played in over 40 states, along with Washington, DC, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
So where would be a $ 476 million jackpot is part of the list of richest Americans individuals? Depending on the amount of your winnings are delivered to the government of taxes, you could end up richer than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is worth an estimated $ 250 million. You would almost certainly have more cash on hand of NBA superstar LeBron James, who is worth an estimated $ 120 million. And you could buy more meat than all the clothes of Lady Gaga, like last year was estimated to have earned about $ 90 million.
Of course, as we noted here at Sideshow aficionados, winning the lottery has its ups and downs. On Tuesday, Emily Leach, who recently won a $ 1 million Mega Millions lottery in California told the San Jose Mercury News that he had accidentally given away a second winning lottery ticket worth $ 260,000. Leach says he accidentally gave away the ticket to a homeless man, who was intentionally giving $ 100. However, state lottery officials who are reviewing the video of Leach leaving the store where he bought the ticket says that it seems that the man intentionally gave some of lottery tickets that he had just purchased.

First Celeb Gets The Boot On ‘Dancing’

First Celeb Gets The Boot On ‘Dancing’: Only two weeks, “Dancing with the Stars” has already made headlines for a hunky contestant William Levy and a surprising ranking leader Katherine Jenkins, but a celebrity has the spotlight on Tuesday for the wrong reasons their elimination from the competition.dancing non spoil
SPOILER: This story contains the results of Tuesday:
PLAY NOW: Katherine Jenkins Lands On Top Of The Leaderboard ‘Dancing’:
Martina Navratilova has won over center court, but the tennis champion could not dominate the ballroom, and on Tuesday night, was eliminated from the competition season 14, taking professional dancer Tony Dovolani too.
Gavin DeGraw rushed immediately alongside Martina after being given the news that he and Karina Smirnoff were the bottom 2 couples, and whispered in his ear, “It ‘s been an honor to be on this stage with you.”
‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 14, Week 2: The Jive Vs. The Quickstep:
Speaking to the home show, Martina said its time the show was enjoyable. “It ‘s been an incredible experience,” he said. “I just wish it had lasted longer. I gave everything I had, but I blew up yesterday, and you know it cost me, unfortunately. I hope I get to do the jive last week here. I can not wait ‘come back and I wish much luck to all. “Without a previous dance training, the athlete had hoped to beat at least one of the celebrities who have had some experience with ballroom.
And ‘Sexy & Hot Shots Of knows that William Levy:
“From what I understand, eight of the 12 competitors have some experience dancing … So I want to beat one of the people who have experience of dance, because I have,” he told Access Hollywood Live on March 16. “Of course everyone wants to win, everyone wants to go through with it, but I think if we just past the second half of the season. Most of all, is only the first dance.” Two weeks of low scores were part of the reason the pair were removed in addition to the voting public.
The pros Almost Shirtless for ‘Dancing with the Stars’:
At the opening night, and Tony Martin – with their foxtrot tied for first place in the bottom of the standings in pairs Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy.And and Melissa Gilbert on Monday, Martina has been in trouble, losing his place the jive, which earned the lowest score of the night just 17 to 30.
“Oh, my dear,” judge Bruno Tonioli said after their number, “I think he went to serve the network.” In related news, “Dancing”, Maria Menounos, who will return to the ballroom next week, swept away a voice that is hitting the dance floor with broken ribs.
“I’m great,” said Brooke Burke, host when the “DWTS” co asked her what was happening with his ribs. “I’m ready to dance. Bring on the rhumba, baby.” Asked if he was worried about the pain, Mary said: “I am greek. We are strong. We can do this. It’s okay. I ‘happy. I’m so excited.”
“Dancing with the Stars” returns Monday night at 8/7c on ABC.Copyright of 2012 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.