Kate Upton Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

Kate Upton on the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was unveiled on “Late Show With David Letterman” Monday night, but though a number of the issue’s models were on hand to present the evening’s Top 10 list, it was apparent from Letterman’s face that the whole thing seemed to be a bust.

With 10 models crammed onto a couch in the Ed Sullivan Theater green room (and not on stage), Letterman commanded the veil to be dropped from a billboard mounted high above Broadway and the cover of the issue was revealed.

Upton seemed pleased, but not overjoyed to have been selected as the cover girl, and the other nine models seemed, well, statuesque in their reactions. Continue Reading…

Demi Moore 911 Call Actress Convulsing Smoked Something

Demi Moore at Huffington Post Pre-Inaugural Party

Demi Moore 911 Call Actress Convulsing Smoked Something: The newly released 911 call placed from Demi Moore’s home on Monday night reveals that the 49-year-old actress was smoking something and was “convulsing,” “semi conscious,” and “burning up” before help arrived.

The heavily redacted tape reveals mass confusion at Moore’s household on Monday night. “Sir, this is an emergency,” a female caller says, before giving the dispatcher Moore’s Beverly Hills address. She becomes increasingly panicked, saying, “We need an ambulance here as soon as possible, please.”

“She smoked something, it’s not marijuana, but it’s similar to … it’s similar to incense and she seems to be having convulsions of some sort,” the woman says, who identifies herself as a “friend” of the actress. She also says that Moore had been taking some “other stuff” recently but didn’t know what it was and mentions that Moore has been having “issues.”

Another woman tells the dispatcher that Moore is “burning up” and not breathing regularly but is able to squeeze her hand. At the end of the call, a man takes the phone to give the dispatcher directions to Moore’s home and says that she’s calmed down. “Now she’s breathing fine and she’s not convulsing,” he says.

On Thursday, Moore reportedly returned home from the hospital. Multiple reports have stated that Moore’s hospitalization was prompted by a seizure she suffered after inhaling nitrus oxide. Her rep has thus far declined to comment beyond her Tuesday statement that Moore is seeking treatment for stress and exhaustion.  Continue Reading…

Alabama Beats LSU In BCS Championship Game Crimson Tide Is The Best After BCS Rout

Alabama Beats LSU In BCS Championship Game Crimson Tide Is The Best After BCS Rout: As required, Alabama’s players whooped it up amid the confetti and fireworks, yet there was something muted about this championship celebration.

Turns out, these guys knew the ending to the sequel before they even got to the Big Easy.

For two months, the Crimson Tide stewed over its first meeting with top-ranked LSU. By the time the team touched down in New Orleans, there was little doubt in anyone’s mind about the outcome. Not just win, but dominate.

Boy, did they ever.

With a smothering display of old-school football, No. 2 Alabama blew out the Tigers 21-0 in the BCS championship game Monday night, celebrated a bit and headed back to Tuscaloosa with its second national title in three years. Read More…

Like The Honey Badger LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu Doesn’t Back Down

Like The Honey Badger LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu Doesn’t Back Down: “The honey part,” Mathieu said Thursday at a news conference in advance of Monday night’s Bowl Championship Series title game against Alabama.

Not much about his life had been sweet. In fact, a bitter residue lingered through a tough upbringing that took place not far from where LSU will try to win its third BCS crown since 2003.

Mathieu was cast off by his mother and raised by his grandfather before he died when Tyrann was 5. Tyrann’s father is serving a life sentence for murder at Louisiana State Penitentiary. Read More…

Alabama Blanks LSU for BCS Title

Alabama Blanks LSU for BCS Title: Nick Saban being Nick Saban wasn’t about to lavish his Alabama team with excessive praise after a 21-0 win over LSU in the Bowl Championship Series title game on Monday night.

His defense held LSU to just 92 yards and zero points, the first shutout in the BCS’s 14-year, 62-game history. LSU crossed midfield just once, with 7:58 remaining in the game.

However when Saban was asked whether he would call it “domination,” he said, “No. No. I’m sure when we watch the film these guys know we always have a good, bad and ugly reel. I can always find something ugly to talk about.” Read More…

The Bachelor

The Bachelor: A new year, same old plays in the newest installment of “bachelor” franchise. Leading man this time around Ben Flajnik, Ashley Hebert season “Bachelorette” as the No. 2 man

You just Ashley tells only that it’s not a knee to propose to Ben as the man who missed it.

Ben is back, and he tells he’s no regrets and treatment that he is best than always only to prove, we believe an opening up montage shirt, kayaking footage, sensitive soul appearing like we found away final season with Ben.

Monday night two hour premiere, during Ben physically best than always, but his personality was lackluster. We have wasted a graduate on their hands this season? If so, fear not, loyal audience Bachelor. There are so more crazies to house keeping us entertained. Read More…