The Google April Fools Day 2012

The Google April Fools Day 2012: You can also use Google to your tablet device and your phone, but unfortunately, you’ve never been able to use it on your Nintendo. No longer! On April 1, Google debuted its newest product, Quest, which uses Google Maps to get you an 8-bit video game Nascar april fool joke
Of course, the date is a dead giveaway that this is one of the famous April Fools’ Day Google strokes and can prove to be their most popular still are. The joke plays right in a certain generation nostalgic for the time that graphics were not as smooth and you had to blow into a pattern for a game to get to work properly.
A person can easily spend one hour in the Quest, which is full of Easter eggs. Google has an orientation video to help you get started, but if you go to Google Maps and click on the “Quest” button in the upper right corner, you can use your low-res graphic adventure begin.
Two recommended activities: Visit the entire list of world monuments rendered in 8-bit, including the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal, and zooming all the way down to street view to look at your home or at work in Quest mode.
Quest is not only April Fools’ Day joke this year’s Google. Here are some of the other ways the company pulls your leg:
“The YouTube Collection”: A DVD set of YouTube videos, grouped by topics such as “Kittens and puppies” or “‘Stuff’ people say.” If you are the last to order, a form tells you that you have thousands of drives selected and asks if you want to have it delivered via the shipping trucks or cargo. You can also use them in Betamax. Make sure you do click through on the order form.
Chrome Multitask Mode: Google Chrome Browse by more than one cursor at a time for extra work. Actually you will get dozens of cursors, and maybe a few GIANT cursors. They will be like flies buzzing around the monitor. “Welcome to the ambinavigation revolution.”
Really Google Advanced Search, which language nerds will enjoy: The extensive search fields, you can find “Rhyming slang for,” and “Confusing grammatical faux pas”, among other very specific criteria. Do not forget to Comic Sans as the font choice.
The Next Web has a roundup of a few other small Google jokes. Were you fooled? Have you found something cool in your Google Quest? Tell us in the comments.