Slaying In Florida: Was Trayvon Martin’s Killer

Slaying In Florida: Was Trayvon Martin’s Killer: George Zimmerman time criminal justice classes at the community college and was almost a one-man neighborhood watch in his gated area of the city and called police around 50 times in the past eight years for such things as slow driving cars to report strangers loitering in the neighborhood and open garages.Slaying in Florida Was Trayvon Martin’s killer
Now, suddenly, people are wondering if the 28 year old Zimmerman is a serious if somewhat industrious young man who was just looking for his neighborhood, or a wannabe cop who tried to court in his own hands.He been in the center of a growing craze on its own direction, self-defense and racial profiling because he shot an unarmed black teenager who walked through his neighborhood on Feb. 26 with only a bag of Skittles and an iced tea.
Zimmerman, a light-skinned Hispanic, claimed self-defense in killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and is not charged, but many black leaders demand his arrest, and state and federal authorities are investigating. Florida’s Stand Your Ground law allows people to self-defense wide latitude to use deadly force.
Lawyers for Martin’s parents say Zimmerman is an “unguided missile.” “He is a wannabe cop,” said attorney Benjamin Crump. “Why did he have a gun?” But some neighbors are welcome vigilance, at least for the shooting.
Samantha Leigh Hamilton, a car dealership employee who Zimmerman lived on the street about a year, said she once left her garage door and Zimmerman noted that while walking his dog. He met another neighbor who let Hamilton know. “The only impression I have of George Zimmerman is a good,” Hamilton said Wednesday.
Hamilton said another neighbor, a black woman, would regularly Zimmerman informed when she was out of town so he could keep an eye on her place. Hamilton said that when she moved to the middle class, racially mixed community of about 250 identical houses in the city, the black neighbor told her: “Hey, if you need anything, you really picked a good environment, because George is a part of our neighborhood watch. ”
Zimmerman, who was captain of the neighborhood watch and a license to carry a weapon, 46 calls to the police since 2004, according to a police department records.In call report, the dispatcher noted that Zimmerman called about a vehicle “rides very slowly, looking at all the other vehicles in the complex and blasting music. “In another call from August last year, Zimmerman reported on two black male teenagers in the neighborhood. He found them suspicious.
A police spokesman said Sanford, a city of 53,000 people outside Orlando, which is 57 percent white and 30 percent black, did not return repeated calls for comment on Zimmerman reports.Sanford town board on Wednesday voted 3-2 to “no confidence “in Police Chief Bill Lee Jr. pressing on the treatment of the fatal shooting. The committee can not shoot Lee, however, because the head of the police reports to the city manager.Hamilton said there had been some burglaries in the past year, including a three doors away in which burglars took a TV and laptops .

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