Former MediaCorp Actor Acquitted of Cheating

Former MediaCorp Actor Acquitted of Cheating: A former MediaCorp actor was acquitted of charges of cheating two men of donations totalling $195,000 in connection with a charity football match he organised three years ago.

Delivering her judgement on Wednesday, District Judge Wong Choon Ning said that the prosecution had failed to prove its case against Lim Aik Seng. The 47-year-old, better known as Lin Yi-sheng, had been accused of deceiving the men into believing that cash donations received from a charity match – minus expenses – would be donated to the Metta Welfare Association. Continue Reading…

Wikipedia Blackout: Websites Wikipedia, Reddit, Others Go Dark Wednesday to Protest SOPA, PIPA

Wikipedia Blackout: Websites Wikipedia, Reddit, Others Go Dark Wednesday to Protest SOPA, PIPA: Do not try to look up “Internet Censorship” or “SOPA” or “PIPA” on Wikipedia, the giant online encyclopedia, on Wednesday.

SOPA and PIPA are two bills in Congress meant to stop the illegal copying and sharing of movies and music on the Internet, but major Internet companies say the bills would put them in the impossible position of policing the online world.

Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, now says his site will go dark for the day on Wednesday, joining a budding movement to protest the two bills.

“This is going to be wow,” Wales said on Twitter. “I hope Wikipedia will melt phone systems in Washington on Wednesday. Tell everyone you know!”

Other sites, such as Reddit and Boing Boing, have already said they would go dark on Wednesday. And some of the biggest names online, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, have vocally opposed the proposed legislation.

PIPA, the Protect IP Act in the Senate, and SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, have been presented as a way to protect movie studios, record labels and others. Supporters range from the Country Music Association to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Continue Reading…

Kathleen Edward Taunted on Facebook for Huntington’s Disease Dies at 9

Kathleen Edward Taunted on Facebook for Huntington’s Disease Dies at 9: Kathleen Edward, the 9-year-old girl who suffered from Juvenile Huntington’s disease and was taunted by a neighbor for it in 2010, died Wednesday at her Wyandotte home in Michigan¬† with more than 20 friends and family members beside her bed, according to reports.Kathleen died from the hereditary, incurable brain disorder less than three years after her mother, Laura Edward, died of the same degenerative brain disorder. Edward’s grandfather also died from it. Continue Reading…

Meteor Shower The First Of 2012

Meteor Shower The First Of 2012: If you are former Wednesday morning time and weather promises, bundle and bring away, earlier 2012, Quadrantid meteor shower; 3 pm and dawn, Eastern time to be at his better between. If you’re lucky, you can display the sky a quietly satisfying.

Quadrantids meteor showers often years regularly, but too among the almost acute in the least. they will be when the Earth is called the narrow trail 2003 EH1, so that they just final for some hours left debris from an asteroid passes by several nights final so they cause (. can another rain Perseids in August, such as, and many comprehensive through debris from comets.) If it is converted where you go to bed Wednesday morning, back and stay warm if it’s clearly that you hourly, astronomers tell the sky could see 60-200 stripes. Read More…