T-ara’s Ryu Hwa Young Distraught After Wardrobe Malfunction on Music Show

English: 티아라 @ Cyworld Dream Music Festival 싸이...

Korean girl group T-ara’s Ryu Hwa Young has caused a stir online after Korean netizens started circulating a screen capture from a recent episode of a Korean music programme, which showed Ryu suffering a wardrobe malfunction, reported Korean media.

The 18-year-old singer had been in the middle of an energetic dance solo while the group was performing T-ara’s latest song “Lovey Dovey”, when the accident occurred.

In a statement to the media, T-ara’s management agency Core Contents Media said Ryu was distraught over her accidental exposure on air. Continue Reading…

Singapore Poly Transforms Classrooms Into Work Spaces

Singapore Poly Transforms Classrooms Into Work Spaces: Singapore (SP) today unveiled new classroom furnishings.

School of business and human sciences cluster now contains more classrooms to real space, the Straits Times reported.

The renovations cost $ 500000 saw costs about 2000 square meters the old classrooms and storage facilities as well as a digital media Studio and model for student animation. Animation and waikrafik.

The course also includes alterations Converted to the new environment.

Two students for the diploma in media, academic and communication expenses, academic year all of them in new 490 square mahong called organizations.

Ms Low Lay legVice-PresidentSchoolof communication arts and social sciences, told the Straits Times, will allow students to experience what is really like in the world, and also allows them to see a larger image from the perspective of communication.

Students in a course, Digital and waikrafik will also experience their own working space for half a year.

SP also added that the new 2-year multi-disciplinary project movies will open in April this year Collect students from animation Display Creative writing, communications and business development courses