Rihanna Thug Life Tattoo

Rihanna Thug Life Tattoo: Rihanna’s gone through some tough times in the recent past, but I wonder what message she’s trying to send with her new tattoo if any. As you can see, she’s inked her fingers with the words “Thug Life,” a term coined and popularized by rapper Tupac Shakur who died in 1996 and had the same phrase tatted across his stomach. Rihanna’s tattoo is light pink and is very faint, which seems almost contradictory.

My immediate thought was that the tattoo is fake, but according to TMZ she was seen at a tattoo parlor in LA yesterday; and the assumption is that’s when she got it. However, Rihanna also shared a photo of her getting a tattoo on her lower back.

Rihanna seems to be a huge fan of tattoos considering she has well over ten of them visible all throughout her body. She also seems to have a strong friendship with her celebrity tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, who’s also done work on Angelina Jolie.

Rihanna Named Biggest Selling Digital Artist of All Time

Rihanna Named Biggest Selling Digital Artist of All Time: Its official: Rihanna digital universe of critics say he is all about e-x-s, but the biggest selling digital artists of all time, according to a new report from Nielsen Sound Scan Barbadian beauty.


In other words, sexy body from a whopping 47.5 million digital 4 July 2004, January 1, 2012, ringing up working report says arose and he is still only 23.


Black eyed peas 42.4 million digital sales last year’s Super Bowl halftime show despite their disappointing performance, take second place on the list with the real Slim Shady in third place., 42.2 million “units” downloading his songs with Eminem fans lined up.


And do you want to say about Lady Gaga, but Queen Monster with 42 million units in the fourth position is sold frozen. Taylor Swift No. 5 takes place, with 41.8 million and 37.6 million in sixth position with Katy Perry soon divorced.