Siliana Gaspard – a Bikini Competitor: an Interview

Siliana Gaspard is a top bikini national competitor. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, she currently resides in Houston, TX, US. She is a mother to an eighteen months old boy.
She has lately won the following competitions:
– 2011 NPC Texas State Championships Rank 1st
– 2011 IFBB North American Championships Rank 3rd
– 2011 NPC Europa Super Show, Dallas Rank 1st
– 2011 NPC Branch Warren Classic Rank 2nd
Siliana was recently interviewed by Women Fitness. Here are experts from her interview for benefits of our readers.
About her well-toned figure and related achievements, this is what Siliana had to say, “It’s just a lot of hard work and commitment, in the gym and for your diet. After the birth of my son, I wanted to challenge myself.” On her lifestyle routine in terms of diet & exercise she goes to add “Luckily I am self-employed, so the stress of work depends on me. I do some modelling too, but people are always nice in that industry. I follow a more Mediterranean diet because of my culture, and it works to keep me healthy.”
She comments on how to balance between work and family “Most women have kids or full time jobs. The key is scheduling. Find a time that works for you, either in the morning or afternoon, evening, and just stick with it no matter what. Don’t make excuses” She further adds “I try to stay away from synthetic products.”
She says on her journey as a fitness model/ bikini competitor “I actually just started training to be a bikini competitor since May/June. I played tennis the majority of my life. My role model has always been my mother because she is the strongest woman I know.”
When asked why she loves, She enthusiastically said “Wow! Because it is just for women!”
Women Fitness Team thanks her for the valuable time she gave for the interview.

Among Many Older Women Sex Gets Better As They Age

Among Many Older Women Sex Gets Better As They Age: Not tonight, dear in the mood? Don’t worry, sexual activity and satisfaction of older women, according to a study.

Sexual satisfaction increases with the age and the majority of women – report of arousal and orgasm despite low sexual desire in women sexual relations are constantly. whenever life sustaining, libido wanes in late for several reasons, including to want to engage the author in the American Journal of medicine January report findings.


“A more positive approach to women’s sexual health to focus on sexual satisfaction and more can be limited to sexual activity or disease, to pay attention to beneficial to women than” author and therapist Susan says in a press release Trompeter.


Author note earlier show less sexual desire, arousal and orgasm following level correlates to. for example, a study in 2006, over 50,000 women ages 18 to 101 of the most common problem reported with regard to the satisfaction of desire.
Current study 806 women who are part of ongoing research, 40 years and San Diego has been involved in a planned community. University of California San Diego researchers, school of medicine and the Veterans Affairs San Diego healthcare system are from their sexual activity, health, hormone. women, arousal, lubrication, sexual intercourseFrequency of sexual desire and satisfaction, discomfort and about questions of proliferation.
Mean age was 67 years and 63% were sexual activity caressing, postmenopausal, masturbation and orgasm can be foreplay. half which is a partner in the last four weeks of reported to be sexually active.
Also among the findings:
• 67% achieve orgasm or always most of the time the youngest and oldest. study on female orgasm reported the highest frequency of satisfaction.
• The highest frequency is the youngest female of arousal, but at least 1 5 women 80 or older report arousal and orgasm almost always or always was told.
• Most women were moderately satisfied sexually active (24 percent) or very satisfied (54 per cent) with the amount of emotional closeness. during sex and satisfaction with the amount of emotional closeness is often associated with orgasm.


Age of participants, but as almost half (47.5%) • Sexual frequency decline The old women almost always or always sexual satisfaction reported being very satisfied less often. reports most young women (33.5%).