Roy Oswalt Rumors Cardinals Nearing Deal but Red Sox, Astros Still in the Mix

Roy Oswalt

Roy Oswalt Rumors Cardinals Nearing Deal but Red Sox, Astros Still in the Mix: The market for free agent starting pitcher Roy Oswalt has picked up in a big way recently, and it appears that the situation is nearing a conclusion.  It was reported last night that the Cardinals were closing in a on deal for Oswalt while the Red Sox and Astros were also still in the mix.

Jim Duquette of MLB Network got the rumors started last night, tweeting that the sources were saying the Cardinals and Oswalt were closing in on a deal.  Duquette added that the Red Sox and Astros were “still in the mix” for the veteran. Continue Reading…

Chip Kelly Ends His First NFL Fling For Now

Chip Kelly Ends His First NFL Fling For Now: Chip Kelly does everything else fast, so it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that it took him just a few hours to make up his mind on serious overtures from the NFL. But on the heels of late-breaking headlines Sunday night confirming his pending exit from Oregon, it turns out even college football’s most celebrated leadfoot is susceptible to a bout of cold feet. From The Register-Guard:

University of Oregon football coach Chip Kelly told a highly placed UO source late Sunday night that he has reversed course and decided to turn down an offer from the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The source told The Register-Guard earlier Sunday night that Kelly had reached an agreement to become Tampa Bay’s head coach. “It’s done,” the source said.

Just before midnight, Kelly changed his mind, telling the source: “I’m staying.”

Kelly told one assistant coach Sunday night that he had been offered the Tampa Bay job, but Kelly told him he wasn’t certain what he would do. Continue Reading…

Chip Kelly Is Close To Deal With Buccaneers

Chip Kelly Is Close To Deal With Buccaneers: Oregon  football Coach Chip Kelly is finalizing a deal to become the Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach, various media outlets reported Sunday.

Kelly met with the Buccaneers last week, and both sides are hopeful an agreement can be reached within the next 24 to 48 hours, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Kelly has been Oregon’s head coach for three years, winning the Pac-12 or Pac-10 Conference title in all three and reaching three Bowl Championship Series games.

Kelly, 48, would make the jump to the NFL if a financial agreement can be reached, a source told KGW in Portland on Sunday night.

Kelly is the first known candidate whom the Buccaneers have interviewed from the college ranks. Known as an offensive innovator, the Buccaneers are hopeful he could bring some of his up-tempo schemes to the NFL. Continue Reading…

Carlos Zambrano’s off to the land of Oz

Hit the door on the way out you Cubbie rump!
Yes, Carlos Zambrano, talented, troubled, 30-year-old right-handed Venezuelan pitcher — Cubs organization since he was an employee of a lad 17-Finally in half crazy new Miami Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen sent to welcome in the arms of the mothership.
18 million dollar contract that Cub z 15 million dollar 2012 shows how badly new management to eat out of clown show Wrigleyville.
In return, the young Marlins right-hander Chris Volstad, a man who has gone 5-13 last season they made it all the difference to a tree ripened coconuts, was found.
When Cubs President Theo Epstein on a restaurant near Wrigley field in November a “contrite” met with Zambrano, new flagship cooler-water-in a nutshell “I’m fine, ‘ keeping ‘ I’m retired, smashing,” thought “we stink, ‘ fist-wielding, nutjob regret.
It does not rely on, “Epstein said the situation was verified, but that means”.
More telling, he said, “so we are not welcome to return unconditionally all on him, but we give her the right to make their way back.”
It was kind of a funny kind of meathead in the Foyer before the metal were quickly back on the road had been carrying explosives goofball.
There’s no way the ‘ OK ‘
Zambrano is a bunch of WINS left in him, but it is sure that he’s got more meltdowns. for example, Albert Belle for baseball, Milton Bradley, et al.
Epstein and underlings fast figured it out with Manny Ramirez dealt wacky wonders. Epstein in his Red Sox days, and it was just that Manny, Manny worked until just how many outs there and hitting home runs, but have forgotten your club’s faith did not destroy Ramirez. that’s just in my own world, A reality was when only with its steroid supplier with plate or was at the meeting.
That would help the Cubs dumping. how this talent is undeniable morale says is not so clear. Volstad?
But we also should consider the other side of the agreement: Z-big and small – in the end will be two DNA-related amoebas through a nervous and finally simply teeming swamp and be collected each other came together in the way of absorbing.
If nothing else, it should be fun for South Beach, right?
Guillen East South side boy who was there to comfort always Zambrano when he blew up North.
When big z in a gentle souled stting in canoe 2010 dustup Cubs, Derrek Lee to go after li ‘ L Z there misunderstood pitcher to a swank Chicago restaurant for dinner.
When big z said that he was retiring and last August, which had been there for them before the end of a game left the Cubs?
“People were texting [Guillen] that I was one of the night when everyone in the news saying I was retiring, was” disappointed and sad again Zambrano said.
Li ‘ L Z and big z were made for each other. not only are they the same first nation speak the language and understand the same culture, but they have exactly the same wires.
We F-bomb, Guillen, denouncing the defensive, nothing-is-blur-limit talk-a-thon, bizarre and irrelevant to anyone who crosses his family or his tweets threatened as master.
He’s the guy who said the Sox ‘ 2005 World Series Championship, ‘ I have the money to work in this work. I don’t work for nothing. ring this money?. [Voice] ring. “the man who threatened to ‘ Bobby Jenks ‘ throats to rip out,” said that they are taking retirement, Zambrano’s announcement, he said, “I think something bad. “
Marlins may simply state again
Sometimes a big league manager Guillen-a look more like Tony Montana impersonator, but he’s no dummy in the previous 97 years. this city was the world series victory and never cheap, Mark Buehrle, Marlins, Jose Reyes and Heath Bell is acquired, like stars and now will be a $ 110 million Payroll nudging, Almost three times when they claim their two world series payrolls.
Imagine two Championships in the last 14 years, Marlins. cub …
Raises the thought: what if l’il Z and big z click? What if big z mows down opponents calms and just?
What if the Marlins had the Cubs in the playoffs like they, unfortunately, end up in 2003?
Then we build a statue, Ozzie right? Because he is a miracle worker.