Singaporean Former Singer Stella Ng Announces Pregnancy

Singaporean Former Singer Stella Ng Announces Pregnancy: Singaporean singer-turned-actress Stella Ng, who married Taiwan businessman Armstrong Yeh in August last year, announced Monday that she is three months pregnant, reported Taiwan media.

“My husband is really great, strikes it with one try!” Ng told reporters.

“This Lunar New Year was very different; everyone treated me like a queen!”

Ng went on to add that her husband had been especially good to her – cooking for her, buying her favourite foods and attending to her every whim – during the past few months, to ease the discomfort and severe nausea she felt as a result of her pregnancy. Continue Reading…

Kourtney Kardashian Has Special Pregnancy Diet

Kourtney Kardashian Has Special Pregnancy Diet: Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy diet is essentially an open book. With strings attached. “I’m just eating whatever I can. Whatever I can tolerate,” she said. “I think this [pregnancy] there is less I can tolerate.”

Kardashian, 32 – who already has a son, 2-year-old Mason – recently announced she’s pregnant with her second child, but said it’s too early to tell whether Mason will have a little brother or sister.

Joined earlier this month by her family and longtime boyfriend Scott Disick at Las Vegas’s Kardashian Khaos, a lifestyle boutique in the Mirage Resort and Casino, the Kourtney and Kim Take New York star’s baby bump was barely noticeable in her black dress.

Though she doesn’t know the sex, she hinted that she won’t be surprised when the child is born. Asked whether she wants to know in advance, she said, “I think so.”

Epidural anesthesia: option for painless child birth

Epidural anesthesia: option for painless child birth: Epidural anesthesia is the most common method applied for combating pain during delivery. The pregnant lady remains conscious and aware of the activities going on, but there is numbness at the pelvic region.
Epidural is a combination of pain killing medications. It is injected at the small of the back to numb the lower part of the spine when labor is well established and the cervix is at least 3 to 4 cm wide. The medication prevents transmission of pain signals from the womb and cervix to the brain. Although, epidural could be administered any time during labor, it is preferably injected when the contraction becomes strong. Despite the numbness, a woman could sense the contraction during delivery.
How does epidural anesthesia work?
An epidural anesthetic blocks the nerve roots that lead to the uterus and lower part of the body.
These roots are located in a space near the spinal cord called the epidural space. This lies within the spine just outside the outer covering of the spinal cord.
According to the American Pregnancy Association Epidural is usually administered by: “Intravenous (IV) fluids will be started before active labor begins and prior to the procedure of placing the epidural. You can expect to receive 1-2 liters of IV fluids throughout labor and delivery. An anesthesiologist, a physician who specializes in anesthesia, an obstetrician, or nurse-anesthetist will administer your epidural”.

Advantages of Epidural Anesthesia
• Almost complete relief from pain with the patient being mobile.
• No postpartum headache as in spinal anesthesia.
• Mother is conscious and alert throughout the labor.
• It reduces anxiety and irritability caused due to labor pains.
An Australian study, reported in the journal BJOG,  that epidurals could prevent pelvic muscle damage during delivery. Pelvic muscle damage leads to organ prolapse in later life, when the weak elevator muscles could no longer hold the bladder and uterus in their respective places. Nearly 10 per cent women suffer from organ prolapse due to vaginal delivery.
Another advantage of epidural anaesthesia is that it makes easy for instrumental delivery if any forceps are required and even is sufficient anaesthesia if an urgent caesarean section is required.
Disadvantages of Epidural Anesthesia
• The biggest disadvantage is that in some case there is sudden drop in blood pressure.
• Epidurals can cause nausea, dizziness, headache, backache, shivering and tinnitus.
• Because of pelvic floor relaxation, baby’s head may not rotate and forceps application may be required.
• Complications such as meningitis can occur, but are extremely rare if adequate sterile precautions are used.
Some health experts claim that babies born to mothers on epidurals are sluggish. They might require resuscitation. The babies might appear disoriented. They might have problems latching to their mothers’ nipples, which prevent them from receiving their first milk.
However, the best option is still the natural way of giving birth.

Leah Messer Teen Mom Two New Marriage

Leah Messer Teen Mom Two New Marriage: Teen MOM 2 celebrity Leah Messer is a committed lady is prepared to be again: he is your partner, Jeremy Calvert interested.

Teen MOM 2 celebrity Leah Messer and perform well-known MTV display for another period of 19 year old separated mom is fast paced generating. Two again, to his girlfriend actuality regular journal verifies wedding and is expecting.

“Yes, my kid is” Jeremy to Leah Calvert informed the journal. “We got interested on Xmas day.”

West Virginia-based dad of her twin babies Corey Simms Messer, committed truly. they separated six several weeks later. Read More…

Teen Mom Two Star Leah Messer Responds to Pregnancy and Engagement Rumor

Teen Mom Two Star Leah Messer Responds to Pregnancy and Engagement Rumor: Soon her pregnancy and engagement rumours Web hits, “teen mom 2” Star Leah Messer is a cryptic message that the question is whether or not the report is right to get an answer is believed to be tweets. “If I never trusted before you, do you all think I can trust you. # SadButTrue,” he writes.

It’s rumored that 19-year-old Leah, who already had two children, another child of the first run of us weekly. Additionally, it is reported that he is engaged to her boyfriend Jeremy Calvert. “Leah just holidays and is pregnant with another child engaged,” says a source. “he is very excited!”
While Leah was rumored to Dodge questions about the truth, her fiance Jeremy reportedly confirmed it. “Yes, my baby Leah! I was at work when Leah called to tell me he got blood work done. and it came back positive. first I was like, but I was happy to be surprised-he reportedly reality weekly.
Rumor has it, was not in pregnancy planning and Leah was on birth control. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to pop the question Jeremy. words, he got her a 1 Carat princess cut diamond and presented it to her on Christmas day and spending time with her children while.
Leah Corey Simms dating after a month pregnant with her first child only. Aliannah to the twins, “Ali Aleeah” hope and grace, in mid-December 2009. just before the first birthday tots, couples walking down the aisle. including a rough path to end last April before divorcing their children went through dealing with health issues.