Lowly mudbugs fuel annual Fat Tuesday celebration at Duck Inn

It’s not the Guinness Book of Records holder for world’s most popular party like Brazil’s Carnival celebration, nor does it have the elaborate floats and costumes found in the street parades on New Orleans’ Bourbon Street.

But what Evansville’s Duck Inn does have is its own unique recipe for one of Mardi Gras’ favorite spicy delicacies. It’s one that’s known by many names: mud bugs, crawdads, yabbies, nippers and spoondogs to name a few.

Crawfish is what they’re more commonly called, and it’s what has brought Rick and Kerri Delano to the Duck Inn every Fat Tuesday for the past three years. Between them, their daughter Brittany Delano and Kerri Delano’s sister and brother-in-law Kris and Mike Lanham from Ohio, the party sucked the heads out of more than five pounds of the Cajun crustacean, piling up a tab of more than $100.

“If you go down to New Orleans, you get drunk, sick, maybe get pick pocketed,” said Rick Delano, who likes crawfish but prefers shrimp pasta. “We just hang in Evansville and have our party here. Continue…