What Is King Cake?

The concept behind the king cake is simple. It’s a cake made from cinnamon and honey with a hollow circle, and somewhere inside the cake is a small plastic baby doll. Whoever finds the figurine in their slice must bake or purchase the next cake.

How did this tradition come about? It all began in Europe, with the advent of the celebration of Epiphany, a Christian holiday that takes place 12 days after Christmas, celebrated in many parts of the world. The original interpretation of the cake is that it is a symbol for the three wise men who brought gifts for the baby Jesus. The celebration culminates in a grand feast and an exchange of gifts among family and friends.

However, here in the United States, the king cake is most often associated with the celebration of Mardi Gras. The top of the cake is decorated with the trademark symbolic colors of the celebration — purple, green, and gold, each representing justice, faith, and power, respectively. Here, the hidden surprise takes on another meaning. It is often said that whoever is lucky enough to receive that slice with the figurine becomes the king or queen for a day — surely a welcome surprise, unless, that is, one is unfortunate enough to bite down on the doll. So eat your king cake carefully…Click Here For King Cake Recipe.

Stingy 49ers Hold Down Drew Brees Saints 36-32

Stingy 49ers Hold Down Drew Brees Saints 36-32: Brees, whose team was coming off consecutive 600-yard games, completed 40 of 63 passes for 462 yards and four touchdowns and was sacked three times. He also threw two interceptions, his first in the postseason in five years, and New Orleans (14-4) fell short again in its quest to get back to the Super Bowl after winning it all two years ago. The Saints are still searching for the first postseason road victory in franchise history after falling to 0-5.

“Kind of an unbelievable game the way it went back and forth,” New Orleans coach Sean Payton said. “It’s obviously a difficult game to lose.”

How far these 49ers have come since that 24-3 trouncing they took back in August at the Superdome in the teams’ exhibition opener. Now, Harbaugh’s “Who’s got it better than us? No-body!” group is drawing comparisons to the good ol’ days of Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott and Steve Young. And of course, Dwight Clark, who came through with “The Catch” to beat Dallas in the NFC title game on Jan. 10, 1982. Continue Reading…

Alabama Beats LSU In BCS Championship Game Crimson Tide Is The Best After BCS Rout

Alabama Beats LSU In BCS Championship Game Crimson Tide Is The Best After BCS Rout: As required, Alabama’s players whooped it up amid the confetti and fireworks, yet there was something muted about this championship celebration.

Turns out, these guys knew the ending to the sequel before they even got to the Big Easy.

For two months, the Crimson Tide stewed over its first meeting with top-ranked LSU. By the time the team touched down in New Orleans, there was little doubt in anyone’s mind about the outcome. Not just win, but dominate.

Boy, did they ever.

With a smothering display of old-school football, No. 2 Alabama blew out the Tigers 21-0 in the BCS championship game Monday night, celebrated a bit and headed back to Tuscaloosa with its second national title in three years. Read More…

New Orleans 4 Detroit 28 Lions Trip To Big Easy Ends In Big Hurt

New Orleans 4 Detroit 28 Lions Trip To Big Easy Ends In Big Hurt: Lastly, the support like a jalopy bayou smashed down and was a monk, he has a blast to begin so the device and landing for scooting on his before in a chance to drop sugars beignets.

Blood there was system. Bruises, it was a deal with were bruises and damage, but New Orleans Group arrived the lion quickly won-10 1/2-point preferred, because they never ceased what they were doing you may be shocked-and shut them, or the lion.

Forty-five details gave up in? Eighty-one plays? Thirty four attaching an NFL playoff historical past lows-first,

Snowballed Avalanched, Out of the 2010 NFL playoffs after a errant lion. And 626 gardens complete crime in a big, unpleasant New Orleans like to sit on the statistic piece cloths.

But before anyone punches on a well known, we have very clear. “the same old lions” is one of the cliches-that says, even if they create the 2010 NFL playoffs, they were humiliated to own-crumbled. Read More…