Raiders tTake Steps Away From Davis Dysfunction With Jackson Firing

Raiders tTake Steps Away From Davis Dysfunction With Jackson Firing: The Hue Jackson error in Oakland is over, and as it turns out, maybe the Raiders are starting to make progress after all.

Jackson’s firing on Tuesday after just one tumultuous season represents a clean break of sorts in Oakland, from the way things were done when Al Davis ran the whole show for decades, to the way business will now be conducted with new Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie in charge.

Jackson was the last coaching hire of Davis, the iconic Raiders owner who died in early October at 82. And his dismissal is now the first move made by McKenzie, the respected former Green Bay personnel executive who promises to bring some sense of sanity, accountability and a more traditional mode of NFL operations to Oakland. Read More…

Denver Broncos Upset Shows

Denver Broncos Upset Shows: The Denver Broncos’ dramatic 29-23 overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers was not proof that quarterback Tim Tebow is the next John Elway. Rather, it was proof that he might never need to be.

For as long as pro scouts have analyzed Tebow, they have made that comparison – they have put him up against proverbial the bedroom door of quarterback legend and measured him next to the marks left by Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers.

That measuring stick makes sense, after all. The National Football League is in its Golden Age of the Quarterback. An elite passer is the one indispensable integer in pro football’s current winning formula. And by that measure, Tebow is a kindergarten quarterback. Read More…

Woody Paige Tim Tebow Showed Flashes of John Elway

Woody Paige Tim Tebow Showed Flashes of John Elway: The Broncos played that Old-Time Rock ‘n’ Roll on Sunday night to jolt the Steelers, shock the NFL, stun the disbelievers and stagger the whole wide world of sports. The Broncos won in 11 seconds of the sudden-life extra period when Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas, the franchise’s two first-round draft choices in 2010, combined for a death-strike touchdown.

Who’s your quarterback,Denver?

Timmy Tremendous threw for a career-best 316 yards and two touchdowns (with no interceptions), and ran for 50 yards and a touchdown to lead the Broncos to their first playoff victory in six years. For all the nay-sayers and horse whisperers, Tebow will be the Broncos’ quarterback next weekend, next season and probably next decade. Read More…

John 3: 16 Message Delivered by Tim Tebow Branch

John 3: 16 Message Delivered by Tim Tebow Branch: John 3: 16 Bible verse that Tim Tebow was once his eye black small script banned from painting.

But Denver Broncos quarterback in spite of the biblical message for the masses on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers win an overtime score was 29-23 during. but some other important games-games-time-say a number of supernatural: against the Steelers passed for 317 yards, and yards per completion with a NFL playoff 31.6 record set.

Christians, John 3: 16, of course, arguably one of the most important poetry in the Bible. “God made the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever loved believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” Read More…

New Orleans 4 Detroit 28 Lions Trip To Big Easy Ends In Big Hurt

New Orleans 4 Detroit 28 Lions Trip To Big Easy Ends In Big Hurt: Lastly, the support like a jalopy bayou smashed down and was a monk, he has a blast to begin so the device and landing for scooting on his before in a chance to drop sugars beignets.

Blood there was system. Bruises, it was a deal with were bruises and damage, but New Orleans Group arrived the lion quickly won-10 1/2-point preferred, because they never ceased what they were doing you may be shocked-and shut them, or the lion.

Forty-five details gave up in? Eighty-one plays? Thirty four attaching an NFL playoff historical past lows-first,

Snowballed Avalanched, Out of the 2010 NFL playoffs after a errant lion. And 626 gardens complete crime in a big, unpleasant New Orleans like to sit on the statistic piece cloths.

But before anyone punches on a well known, we have very clear. “the same old lions” is one of the cliches-that says, even if they create the 2010 NFL playoffs, they were humiliated to own-crumbled. Read More…

Curiosities Abound In The NFL Playoffs Schedule

Curiosities Abound In The NFL Playoffs Schedule: NFL playoff games this year in the first round of the most extraordinary thing about Detroit Lions, that presence is one of the most extraordinary things.


The two are playing this weekend and one of which the most valuable player yards 12 in a dispute between a great Divisions, not a pro bowler passed that 5,000 League quarterbacks. -4 is a very great team an 8-8 a division champion a three-game losing streak on the road against rivals 1-5 record on the team. With it on a wild card team was against the face.


Two playoff participants were outscored by their opponents for the season: New York Giants by 6 points and 81. Denver Broncos playoff game by both teams’ playoffs for the first time in two decades, the other is not won.


Although it may be of dubious value here because almost nothing so far this season, as expected, which this weekend in hopes of a quick look. Read More…