Mitt Romney’s Post Illinois Campaign Pitch

Mitt Romney’s Post Illinois Campaign Pitch: Shortly after wrapping his victory remarks, Mitt Romney sent a fundraising appeal to his supporters with the subject says: “It is time to close”
It reflects both wishful thinking of the leader that Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul would pack up and go home and Romney campaign’s decision to become more assertive declaration on the former governor of Massachusetts, the likely GOP candidate.romney illinois
“I think it is another sign that the Republican Party is united behind the candidacy of Mitt Romney,” Romney senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom told CNN the victory of its candidate in Illinois. “At some point reality is going to put that Mitt is the candidate almost certain,” he added.
Regardless of how Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul going to move through the primaries and caucuses scheduled from now until June, the Romney campaign is shifting to how to win. Romney does not want to be perceived as the precursor weak that he can not win the hearts and souls of the voters in the center of his party’s election campaign is pushing Romney as a competitor experienced and prepared ready to defeat President Obama, especially when is to straighten the American economy.
If you saw Ann and her husband frontrunning Mitt Romney provide their comments to victory in Schaumburg, Illinois Tuesday night in front of a ballroom of supporters, you might be wondering where extraordinarily rich and out-of-touch elite CEO was gone.
Of course, this is the distorted mirror image of Romney that President Obama and his team have spent the better part of last year trying to sear into the minds of American voters.
Instead, you saw a devoted wife who used “Fix it” no less than three times within a few minutes to describe what her husband would have done in Washington and the economy if he wins the White House.
Romney, meanwhile used his victory remarks to drive home the image of a businessman who has deep experience learned the pros and cons of the U.S. economy through successes and failures in the private sector.
“You can not learn to teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago,” said Romney standing 40 miles from the former class president Obama.
Romney has also tried to wrap his message of economic competence in the Reagan “city on a hill” style imagery. Innovation and entrepreneurship are not just in the middle of a robust recovery, he said, but also at the center of the “American dream”.
But the victorious Tuesday night, Mitt Romney’s economic champion is not presented in the mass campaign coverage. And that change and that may be Romney’s biggest challenge as he tries to move from primary to general in 2012.
He still has to prove his ability to lead a positive message that explains his vision for the future at the same time becoming the largest public history of Mitt Romney.
It is, without doubt, a challenging race to close nominations, while your competitors are still running, but Romney and his team have a much bigger challenge: turn a narrative constructed by his Democratic opponents, which has solidified in the minds of voters.
For this reason more than any other, the Romney campaign needs to successfully convince all Republicans who really is “time to close.”