Demi Moore 911 Call She Smoked Something

English: Demi Moore at the 2010 Time 100.

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Demi Moore 911 Call She Smoked Something: “Send an ambulance right now. This is an emergency.”

So begins the dramatic 911 call, in which Demi Moore’s friends are desperately trying to get an ambulance to the actress’ Beverly Hills home as quickly as possible, which was released this morning by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

On the heavily redacted recording, which lasts about 10 minutes, one of Moore’s friends begins arguing with the dispatcher amid confusion over which agency covers the neighborhood and should be sending paramedics.

“Why is there not an ambulance coming now?” the woman says testily before explaining what caused the star to “act crazy.” Continue Reading…

Dog The Bounty Hunter Revenge

Pamela Anderson

Dog The Bounty Hunter Revenge: Many are returning to tonight show television. I have a lot to that and some surprises, dog Bounty Hunter back case Mobbed and revenge piping. here’s what’s on TV Wednesday.

La before CBS back its obvious camera celebrity switcheroo series I get a lot of celebs tonight, Pamela Anderson is Jerry Springer, Dr. drew Pinsky, Ty Pennington and Apolo Ohno. show starts 8 pm.


More on Fox, with back and Mobbed. tonight’s flash mob event where a cyber romance real speed dating is scary it will take place? Find out tonight at 9 pm.
Welcome to A & e to an eighth bounty hunter the dog back on their current case weather. dog as Leland is a lamaze breathing. see what is on the 10th class.


In the end, revenge is back tonight! But it is Daniel’s birthday party planned for other Tyler. Moreover, Charlotte (mostly yet useless) now Conrad and Victoria’s divorce proceedings is a vanguard. Oh, and Emily still take care of her own revenge ing. Re: 10 on the fun begins on ABC.