Ron Ng’s Fans Seek Revenge By Exposing Viann Zhang’s Vulgar Photos

Ron Ng’s Fans Seek Revenge By Exposing Viann Zhang’s Vulgar Photos: Since her debut, 35F mainland actress, Viann Zhang has generated numerous rumors, including allegations of plastic surgery and working as an escort. Photos in which Viann’s breast was grabbed by other men also circulated widely online.

Recently, Ron Ng’s fans unearthed old photos of Viann in which she stuck out her middle finger, chain smoked, and posed intimately with several men. Ron’s fans opposed their idol dating Viann Zhang; by digging up Viann’s scandalous photos from her past, Ron’s fans attained their great revenge. Fans hoped that Ron would recognize Viann’s true colors.

After dating Ron Ng, Viann Zhang rose from an obscure personality to increased recognition. At the same time, Ron’s fans were highly displeased with Viann, who they considered to be using Ron to promote herself.  Last month, when Viann posted a bed photo of herself on Ron’s Weibo blog, his fans scolded her vehemently. Unfortunately, the Weibo incident did not result in Ron giving up on Viann. Instead, Ron openly admitted that Viann was his girlfriend. Ron’s fans united to reveal the true face of Viann Zhang, hoping to seek their revenge. Continue Reading…