Teams Are Taking It Easy On Sidney Crosby

Teams Are Taking It Easy On Sidney Crosby: Sidney Crosby’s return is the second of three games old, and, for the most part, he was – he registered five assists, an average of just over 16 minutes of ice time and the Penguins went 2-0-1.

It took Bruce Arthur, National Post thought: Why is it so?Apart from the obvious stuff, like “Crosby is a great player” and “Pittsburgh is a great team”, there is another explanation of the value of  87 to the peers that I can be treated with deference.
Moreover, the Post:
No one has yet approached the game with the player signing. Pittsburgh-Philadelphia snapped a 11 game win Streak on Sunday, as a rule, snarl-filled game, but Crosby was not the bloodied, or at least significantly bumped. During the 5-2 win over the New York Rangers on Thursday, Crosby was jostled and shoved the opportunity arose, and as he said, “They are trying to do too much? But I do not think they were up significantly.”
In 5-2 romp over the New Jersey Devils Saturday, Pittsburgh outshot New Jersey 44-14 and Crosby flew around and robbed by three goals in the Devils star Patrick Elias and his team was criticized for being too passive.

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

“We were hesitant,” he told reporters. “Instead of going after them, we just kind of looking around … they are hockey players. They are good hockey players, hockey players, but they are just like us. We just need to play and I do not think, like many other things, who we are playing against. When we do, that we are okay, we have a good team. “Arthur then brings another intriguing point: Crosby’s teammate, Kris Letang – who missed 26 games this year, concussion of his own – has been a busy since returning to the composition (and in some cases, more than usual.), He received a blow from a New Jersey-‘s Eric Boulton , threw a Big Hit on Jaromir Jagr’s face, and even then Braydon Coburn was hit during a post-whistle scrum.

Remember, both Letang and Crosby will return to their concussions at the same time.It was the Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky, who is returning to the game last Thursday before the Crosby-, offered up “we do not think [Crosby], because we really do not care about it,” quote. And it’s good, but the teams will start to think about Crosby, and care for Crosby – especially if he’s scored a point-per-game clip.”Sooner or later someone is going to hit Sidney Crosby, as it is Kris Letang”, Arthur says. “The question, of course, what will happen next.”