Excited Dog Greets Returning Soldier

Excited Dog Greets Returning Soldier: The unconditional love of a pet distinguishes itself as one of the most affectionate love there is. A video of a soldier is greeted by his dog go viral because the boxer is so happy to see his boss, he can not contain his excitement. Nick served eight months in Afghanistan, and when he returned to his wife, Katie, in Germany, Chuck was overjoyed to see him.Excited Dog Greets Returning Soldier
Two words come to Chuck so excited that he jumps out the back of a parked SUV and on command. “Daddy’s home” He then jumps over the soldier, licking him and crying with happiness. The soldier can not have a good grip on Chuck, because he is so happy and jumping and show how much he missed his owner.
Katie uploaded the video to YouTube less than a week ago, and it has more than 1.3 million views. This is not the first time Chuck is a viral video sensation. A year ago, he welcomed his boss returned from another deployment, and he was just as delighted to have him return home safely.
Next up, an airline passenger learned that airport security may not be as safe as they had hoped. A woman posted a photo on the social news site Reddit by a knife that she accidentally carried her bag through security. She broke the picture in the airplane toilet.
The image of the knife caused quite a stir, because the woman says she went through the X-ray scan, a manual inspection, and customs before they realized she had the knife with her on the aircraft. They also showed that the knife is not well hidden.
Her comments on the initiative after hundreds of users with their own stories about incompetent airport security checks, even with all the enhanced security measures currently in place. Some users called the proceedings “security theater” and said that the TSA is “ridiculous.” The user who posted the original photo never revealed where she had traveled from or its destination.

Record Breaking Jackpot Still Up For Grabs

Record Breaking Jackpot Still Up For Grabs: The multi state Mega Millions lottery grew to a record $ 476 million jackpot entry in the drawing this Friday. The jackpot has risen again, after that no one chose the six winning numbers in the correct balance on Tuesday.mega millions
Several competitors came on Tuesday, with AP reporting that 47 players matched 5 of 6 numbers. Each of these tickets is reportedly worth at least $ 250,000.
The previous all time high premiums were $ 390 million, split by two winners from Georgia and New Jersey in 2007. The game Mega Millions is played in over 40 states, along with Washington, DC, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
So where would be a $ 476 million jackpot is part of the list of richest Americans individuals? Depending on the amount of your winnings are delivered to the government of taxes, you could end up richer than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is worth an estimated $ 250 million. You would almost certainly have more cash on hand of NBA superstar LeBron James, who is worth an estimated $ 120 million. And you could buy more meat than all the clothes of Lady Gaga, like last year was estimated to have earned about $ 90 million.
Of course, as we noted here at Sideshow aficionados, winning the lottery has its ups and downs. On Tuesday, Emily Leach, who recently won a $ 1 million Mega Millions lottery in California told the San Jose Mercury News that he had accidentally given away a second winning lottery ticket worth $ 260,000. Leach says he accidentally gave away the ticket to a homeless man, who was intentionally giving $ 100. However, state lottery officials who are reviewing the video of Leach leaving the store where he bought the ticket says that it seems that the man intentionally gave some of lottery tickets that he had just purchased.