Etch A Sketch Takes Center Stage In GOP Fight

Etch A Sketch Takes Center Stage In GOP Fight: So the biggest news of the battle the Republican primary today, Mitt Romney has been basking in the glow of his 12-point victory in Illinois? Actually, no. OK, so it must have been Jeb Bush, a popular former governor of Florida, brother of the last GOP president and respected conservative Romney endorsing? Wrong again.
The news of the day, as ordered by, average Republican rivals Romney and Obama’s campaign was a phrase from Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior Romney adviser, for the Etch A Sketch, the drawing toy that, as a person Romney, recalls , 1950.Etch A Sketch Takes Center
Asked on CNN whether he was interested that fought GOP primary ‘may force the governor to turn right until now,’ he would alienate moderates in the general election, Fehrnstrom said, ‘Well, I think you press a reset button for the fall campaign. It changes everything. It ‘s almost like an Etch A Sketch. You can kind of shake and restart all over again.
The statement given Romney’s opponents a stick to beat him. While the question was about policy positions, Fehrnstrom Romney – who may not listen to them carefully enough to answer it seemed as if he was talking about campaign strategy and dynamics.
Like all ‘gaffe’ – to use the word journalism that all of us to distribute this type of error – is damaging because it was done in an existing perception of Romney.
That perception, deeply rooted, is that Romney is a ‘Flopper vibration’, a ‘well-oiled weathervane’, someone who now describes himself as ‘strictly conservative’, but previously it was called a ‘progressive’. A moderate, a liberal in some respects, while running for office in Massachusetts, now that is looking for the GOP nomination as Romney withdraws right wing.
The comment Etch A Sketch was manna from heaven for Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich – who promptly appeared on the campaign trail with the toy – because it seemed to strengthen their argument that Romney is a conservative is not a real do or say something to win an election.
Gingrich tweeted that Etch A Sketch was ‘a great toy, but a losing strategy’. Santorum spokeswoman Alice Stewart was sent to a Romney event in Arbutus, Maryland to distribute mini Etch A Sketches reporters and proclaim that ‘the conservative principles must be written in stone, not to Etch A Sketch’.
He also worked for the Democrats because it seemed to show that Romney is not to be trusted and allowed them to support his positions would mask the “extremist” by the primary language of craftsmanship in the general election.
It worked for the media because it was a nice video clip of pithy, he changed the subject from the boring reality that Romney is the Republican candidate and de facto, well, it’s easier to report on a gaffe that a political position.
And let’s face it, there was a lot of comic potential. The Washington Post (Etch A) happily made hay sketch writer, and so did the American Bridge exploit Democratic PAC.
But what do the observations of Fehrnstrom, Romney a fair partner in the last ten years and a former journalist for Boston Herald, Romney actually tell us?
The answer is: not much. Its conventional wisdom that the presidential candidates veer toward the center in a general election after appealing to their base in the primaries. It ‘obviously true that the campaign will be so different from the primary that Team Romney will essentially return to the drawing board.
Fehrnstrom is a combative and highly effective consultant who is extremely close to Romney. Not for one minute think he’ll be fired for this. He got a bit ‘of annoyance on Twitter last year, but the episode was laughing inside the campaign and then quickly forgotten.
Today, Fehrnstrom observations were an avoidable own goal – and very similar to some errors of the candidate, who also tended to occur early in the morning. Will become a running joke, as is Seamus the dog story is repeated ad nauseum. For those already predisposed to dislike Romney, will provide ammunition bit ‘more.
All we had some fun with the jokes Etch A Sketch today. But eventually the win Illinois Romney and Jeb Bush endorsement is much more significant.

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