Mitt Romney Cruises To Illinois GOP Primary Win

Mitt Romney Cruises To Illinois GOP Primary Win: Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney cruised to victory in the Illinois Republican presidential primary on Tuesday and defeated his rival, former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, in the double digits.Mitt Romney Illinois victory
With nearly all precincts reporting, Romney had 47 percent of the votes for Santorum 35 percent. Ron Paul was third with 9 percent, and Newt Gingrich in fourth place with 8 percent. The turnout was light in the state.
Illinois GOP primary results live:
In remarks victory in Schaumburg, Illinois, Tuesday, Romney held his attention at a right angle on President Obama is not his Republican primary opponents. “Three years of Barack Obama brought us fewer jobs and shrinking salaries, but many of us believe that we might lose something even more than the value of our homes and our 401 (k) s,” he said. “After years of too many excuses and not enough jobs, income falls historic highs and gas prices, a president who does not hesitate to use all means necessary to Obamacare to impose on the American public, but leads in their late The world’s time we have had enough … “: these words to say these words
CBS News exit poll found that Romney, whose support was in Chicago and its suburbs, good performance among the graduates, Catholics and voters who see the economy as the main problem of the country. It also had a small margin on Santorum among those who identify as conservative. Santorum led Romney among white evangelicals and those who identify themselves as very conservative.
Exit polls showed that 42 percent of Republican voters of Illinois said Romney is not conservative enough, while a similar percentage said that his positions were similar. Forty-six percent said Santorum’s positions were similar, while 34 percent said it was too conservative and 13 percent said it was not conservative enough.
Illinois Exit Poll:Romney Illinois gop primary
Illinois primary results by province:
Romney was backed in Illinois by a huge spending advantage for the other candidates for the GOP nomination, as it was in other states. According to the Campaign Media Analysis Group Analysis, Romney and the super-PAC Santorum outspent the backup and support super-PAC him 18-1 on television ads in Illinois. Romney and his supporters have more than an estimated $ 3 million for television ads estimated $ 167,090 Santorum.
Also increase the perception that Romney was the best chance to beat President Obama in November. Exit polls showed that 60 percent said Romney was the candidate more eligible, compared with 23 percent and nine percent for Santorum Gingrich.In exit polls, Romney led his rivals on the question of which candidate better understands the problems of average Americans, with 36 percent support Santorum’s 29 percent and 16 percent Gingrich. In the Ohio primary, the first CEO was rich at 22 percent on this question.
If Romney won the Illinois primary:
Romney is now expected to take the lion’s share of the 54 delegates at stake to do in the primary on Tuesday, which are awarded proportionally. The former Massachusetts governor is focused on getting the 1,144 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination before the convention. His rivals have largely been trying to keep Romney with that threshold, hoping to secure the nomination in the final analysis, contested in a conference.
Santorum was not eligible for ten delegates in Illinois, because his campaign does not meet the fans who could serve as delegates in four congressional districts for the elections to be identified. Neither Gingrich nor seriously challenged Paul News state.CBS Romney is now estimated that 534 delegates, more than his combined has three rivals. Santorum has 218 delegates estimates of CBS News, while Gingrich had 120 people, Paul, 42 delegates.
Republican Estimated Delegate Scorecard:
Santorum said before the election that he hopes to hold a surprising victory under the leadership of the more rural, conservative voters in the south and west of the state, saying it would “really send shock waves” with the Republican establishment. He has four meetings and subjected to 19 interviews in Illinois on Tuesday in a last desperate attempt to increase the participation of its adherents especially encourage low before going to his home state of Pennsylvania, where voters to the polls April 24.
“We won the areas that conservatives and Republicans live there, and we are very happy,” said Santorum in Pennsylvania Tuesday, after acknowledging his loss to Illinois. “We are pleased that we are getting delegates.”
Santorum’s campaign said earlier Tuesday that estimates Officer of CBS News and other media exaggerated for Romney, because they do well in the province of certain district, and state conventions that send delegates to the Republican convention. The Commission also intends to make the decision to challenge to Florida and Arizona, a few states won by Romney, to allocate delegates in a “winner-take-all”. A successful challenge would reduce the benefit of Romney delegate.
In addition to Pennsylvania, Santorum is expected to do well in the Louisiana primary on Saturday and go in Arkansas and Kentucky to win on May 22 He also has his eye on Texas, where 155 delegates offers, and which holds a primary on May 29
In the short term, however, the scheme provides much better possibilities to choose delegates to Romney. There are primary in April in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, most of which Romney is expected to win. In addition to Pennsylvania, Santorum best chance for victories in April are available in Maryland and Wisconsin.
Calendar 2012 Republican primary:
The victory in Illinois was the third victory in the Midwest for Romney, who attacked Santorum for the period until Tuesday game as having “the same economic climate and light weight of the president.” Santorum, who has been hammering Romney for his past support for an individual mandate for health care and his past as a “financier of Wall Street,” he replied, “If Mitt Romney is an economic heavyweight, we are in trouble.”
The Santorum campaign has argued that if Gingrich has left the race that would open the door to win the nomination on the strength of support for the conservative Santorum. In exit polls Tuesday Illinois Republican voters were asked how they would vote if only Romney and Santorum were in the race. Forty-seven percent said it would support Romney, 41 percent chose Santorum, and 11 percent said they would not vote.
In a statement Tuesday, Gingrich took aim at Romney for spending so much to win and promised to stay in the race, saying “we have a candidate who has powerful solutions that hold the president accountable for his failures . ” With the nomination seemingly within reach, should Romney directly to the rhetoric of the President in preparation for the general election. His rivals, meanwhile, faced increasing pressure to leave the race so the party can unite around a candidate and leave behind what a bruising primary fight.
“Tonight was a primary, but the general election,” Romney said Tuesday. “And we will make a decision that defines a nation to cope. Our choice will not be a party or personality. This election will be about principle. Our economic freedom is on the ballot.

Mitt Romney’s Post Illinois Campaign Pitch

Mitt Romney’s Post Illinois Campaign Pitch: Shortly after wrapping his victory remarks, Mitt Romney sent a fundraising appeal to his supporters with the subject says: “It is time to close”
It reflects both wishful thinking of the leader that Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul would pack up and go home and Romney campaign’s decision to become more assertive declaration on the former governor of Massachusetts, the likely GOP candidate.romney illinois
“I think it is another sign that the Republican Party is united behind the candidacy of Mitt Romney,” Romney senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom told CNN the victory of its candidate in Illinois. “At some point reality is going to put that Mitt is the candidate almost certain,” he added.
Regardless of how Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul going to move through the primaries and caucuses scheduled from now until June, the Romney campaign is shifting to how to win. Romney does not want to be perceived as the precursor weak that he can not win the hearts and souls of the voters in the center of his party’s election campaign is pushing Romney as a competitor experienced and prepared ready to defeat President Obama, especially when is to straighten the American economy.
If you saw Ann and her husband frontrunning Mitt Romney provide their comments to victory in Schaumburg, Illinois Tuesday night in front of a ballroom of supporters, you might be wondering where extraordinarily rich and out-of-touch elite CEO was gone.
Of course, this is the distorted mirror image of Romney that President Obama and his team have spent the better part of last year trying to sear into the minds of American voters.
Instead, you saw a devoted wife who used “Fix it” no less than three times within a few minutes to describe what her husband would have done in Washington and the economy if he wins the White House.
Romney, meanwhile used his victory remarks to drive home the image of a businessman who has deep experience learned the pros and cons of the U.S. economy through successes and failures in the private sector.
“You can not learn to teach constitutional law at the University of Chicago,” said Romney standing 40 miles from the former class president Obama.
Romney has also tried to wrap his message of economic competence in the Reagan “city on a hill” style imagery. Innovation and entrepreneurship are not just in the middle of a robust recovery, he said, but also at the center of the “American dream”.
But the victorious Tuesday night, Mitt Romney’s economic champion is not presented in the mass campaign coverage. And that change and that may be Romney’s biggest challenge as he tries to move from primary to general in 2012.
He still has to prove his ability to lead a positive message that explains his vision for the future at the same time becoming the largest public history of Mitt Romney.
It is, without doubt, a challenging race to close nominations, while your competitors are still running, but Romney and his team have a much bigger challenge: turn a narrative constructed by his Democratic opponents, which has solidified in the minds of voters.
For this reason more than any other, the Romney campaign needs to successfully convince all Republicans who really is “time to close.”

Mitt Romney Wins Illinois GOP Primary

Mitt Romney Wins Illinois GOP Primary: Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has registered a convincing victory Tuesday in the Illinois primary, extending his lead in the race for the nomination of the party.Romney Illinois primary
American news agencies say Romney won about 55 percent of the vote to nearly 30 percent for his top rival, Rick Santorum. The other two Republican candidates, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, finished far behind.
With the victory, Romney took a 54 more delegates and got great momentum heading into next nomination contests. A candidate needs 1,144 delegates to secure the Republican nomination and the right to take on President Barack Obama, a Democrat to earn, in the November elections.
In his victory speech, Romney said three years of President Obama, Americans have been “less jobs, shrinking paychecks, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices.” The former Massachusetts governor called for new leadership in the White House. “Tonight we have the people of Illinois for their voice and for this special victory,” said Romney. “Thank you.
Elections are about choices, and today hundreds of thousands of people in Illinois have joined millions of people across the country for our case be closed. And this movement began on a small farm in New Hampshire on a sunny June day, we were surrounded by a small group of our friends and a number of supporters and family. We shared the conviction that the America we loved was in trouble and adrift without strong leadership, and three years of Barack Obama have us fewer jobs and shrinking paychecks that many of us believed we were about to lose something more than the value of our homes and our 401ks, after years of too many excuses and too few jobs, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices.
A president who does not hesitate to use all means necessary to proceed to Obamacare on the American public, but leads from behind in the world. It’s time to say these words, this word is enough, we have had enough. “Head in the Illinois primary, the former Massachusetts governor had won more than 500 delegates, while Santorum was in the 200’s. Gingrich and Paul were far behind.

NFL Hines Ward Retires 14 Seasons With Steelers

NFL Hines Ward Retires 14 Seasons With Steelers: As a wide receiver, Hines Ward was very good. As a block wide receiver position, Ward was the best and most dangerous in NFL history. Hines WardUnderstanding how to reconcile these two things are at the center of the “Hines Ward is a Hall of Famer?” discuss five years from now. Take a jump on it.
More by Ward that the majority, the numbers are insufficient to make a judgment. If we are classifying the statistics alone, Ward is probably a ticket buyer in Canton, not a enshrinee.
Contemporaries that Ward is more statistically similar (thanks to Pro Football Reference is Derrick Mason, Keyshawn Johnson and Keenan McCardell. Players Fine, but there is probably a Hall of Famer in that group. There are two other statistics with similar they just pale yellow blazer Charley Taylor and Lance Alworth, but it is useless to compare them with Ward, as the era was so different.
That leaves a couple of other factors for the Ward. What about the blockade? It ‘a factor large enough to jump him in the Hall? What about the Super Bowl MVP? What about the fact that Ward has never been in the top three or four receivers in the league?
I’m throwing the Super Bowl MVP. I do not care. Ward made the biggest play in that game was a game device on which you found him. It was an ugly game and had to give the MVP to someone. If we’re putting people in the lobby to win the Super Bowl MVP, Dexter Jackson and Desmond Howard would like to have a word with someone.
The block is the thing. If you can be a top 10 receiver in the league and add so much joy in running the team, which is a difference maker. This is what separates Hines Ward by other guys with big numbers that are on the outside looking in. This is a perfectly legitimate argument. He added something to his team that other receivers just do not.
But even with its block of business, at any time during the career of Hines Ward has never watch it and think: “That guy is the best in the game”? Early in his career, Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens or Randy Moss would be taken first Ward. Later, it was people like Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson. The Hall of Fame is for the elite, right? Ward was this?
It’s going to be a really tough call when it comes time especially considering some of the receivers, like Cris Carter, who were left out in the cold recently. Eventually, though, I think Ward is achieved not in the first round, but at some point. The guys who vote on this I love things like “the way the game should be played,” and being “grainy” or “hard-nosed” or “old school”. Ridiculous clich├ęs small or not, are a bit ‘true Ward, and things like that tend to excite the voters. He will be cited as an example of how the game was played before putting any new rules sissified in it.
I think it will end, and I’ll support the decision. If you are on the fence, be careful over the next five years and let me know if you see any other receiver out there as good as Ward as Ward was also blocked.