Gisele Bundchen blames receivers, not husband, for Patriots’ loss

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen stood by her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, telling friends that the receivers were the ones to blame for the Patriots’ 17-21 loss to the New York Giants. Continue Reading…

Happy 200th Birthday Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, a former resident of Lant Street.

Events will take place around the country to mark the bicentenary, including a street party in the city of Portsmouth, on the southeast English coast, where he was born on February 7, 1812.

Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, and actor Ralph Fiennes will be among guests at the laying of a wreath at Westminster Abbey in London to mark the occasion.

Dickens’ books remain cornerstones of English literature and the latest film version of one of his greatest novels, Great Expectations, starring Fiennes and Helena Bonham-Carter, is currently in production.

Claire Romalin, a leading biographer of the author, says there is no one to compare with Dickens today.

“He had extraordinary energy and he was extraordinarily hard-working. His first three novels – The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby – came out in monthly instalments,” she said. Continue Reading…

Acura NSX Won Big With Super Bowl Spot, Survey Says

Of all the cars advertised during Super Bowl XLVI, the Acura NSX sports car, which isn’t even in production yet, fetched the most attention, according to data from

The vehicle-information company tracked consumer response to Super Bowl advertising by looking at how consumer search patterns on its site varied as the game progressed and car makers’ commercials aired. AutoTrader’s analysts were looking for “lift,” or how much of a boost in search activity each vehicle got in the hour after its ad appeared.

Searches for the Acura NSX were up 1,800%, compared with 370% for the runner-up Toyota Camry and 360% for the third-place Fiat 500. The Hyundai Veloster at 302% and Chevrolet Sonic with 275% completed the top five. Continue Reading & Photos…

Madonna’s Super Bowl Half Time Show

Madonna’s half-time show at the Super Bowl was met by outrage and barbed comments, but there were some classic Magic Moments. The first public appearance of Madonna’s MDNA album campaign was a low-key affair: just the biggest night of the American football calendar, more than 100 million viewers, a collision of some of the planet’s biggest pop personalities, and a budget that makes your average James Cameron effort look like Homes Under the Hammer. The half-time Super Bowl show prompted much chatter, but here are the five Magic Moments: Continue Reading…

Josh Powell: “I’m sorry, goodbye” note left before killing himself, kids in house blast

“I’m sorry, goodbye,” is what Josh Powell wrote in a farewell note to his attorney just minutes before police say he set fire to his home Sunday, killing himself and his two young sons.

For the last two years, Powell has been scrutinized in the media, hammered by police and questioned by judges, prosecutors and social workers since the day his wife vanished in 2009.

The alleged murder-suicide occurred just days after he was denied custody and ordered to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation.

The deadly fire at Powell’s home brought another twist in the public scandal that began when Susan Powell vanished. The case became a saga of accusations of sex and lies and now the loss of two young boys in caught in the middle.

A social worker brought the two boys to Powell’s home Sunday for what was supposed to be a supervised visit. They rushed towards the home, leaving the social worker behind. By the time she got to the door, Powell had locked her out, Graham Fire and Rescue Chief Gary Franz said. Continue Reading…