Shaun White in Utah (2008)

Shaun White Stoked To Be Back In Slopestyle: He is every bit as polished in a boardroom as he is on a snowboard – a meticulous caretaker of both his image off the snow and his reputation on it.

And yet, here’s what Shaun White had to say about his return to slopestyle at last year’s Winter X Games: “I don’t want to say I did the ‘human’ move. But I was like, ya know, if I go out there, I’m gonna get owned.”

He went out there, and, yes, it all went down exactly the way he expected.

Unprepared after taking two years off to focus on his Olympic halfpipe routine, the world’s most famous snowboarder looked like an impersonator wearing a red wig as he rode across those rails.

He finished 13th out of 16, didn’t qualify for finals and, by the end of a day that seemed to turn snowboarding on its head, White, of all people, was eliciting sympathy from those other riders who did, in fact, own him.

For a day at least,

That day marked Day 1 of the push to the Sochi Olympics, where slopestyle will make its debut, two years from now. One important stopping point on that road comes Friday, when White heads out for preliminaries of the 2012 X Games with a bag of new tricks. Continue Reading…

Shaun White Stoked To Be Back In Slopestyle


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