One for the Money Another Weak Vehicle For Katherine Heigl

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One for the Money Another Weak Vehicle For Katherine Heigl: What’s the trouble with Katherine Heigl? Since she co-starred with Seth Rogen in the 2007 hit Knocked Up, the beamish former star of television’s Grey’s Anatomy has worked to establish herself on the big screen. Her choice has been a series of romantic comedies – The Ugly Truth, 27 Dresses – or with romantic-comedy elements, such as Killers and Life as We Know It. To some degree she’s succeeded. She’s now one of a small pool of lead actresses – Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman – who regularly land romantic comedy roles, vying to succeed Julia Roberts as America’s big-screen sweetheart. The problem is, in an already patchy genre, she seems particularly susceptible to choosing weak scripts and journeyman directors. Continue Story…

Roy Oswalt Rumors Cardinals Nearing Deal but Red Sox, Astros Still in the Mix

Roy Oswalt

Roy Oswalt Rumors Cardinals Nearing Deal but Red Sox, Astros Still in the Mix: The market for free agent starting pitcher Roy Oswalt has picked up in a big way recently, and it appears that the situation is nearing a conclusion.  It was reported last night that the Cardinals were closing in a on deal for Oswalt while the Red Sox and Astros were also still in the mix.

Jim Duquette of MLB Network got the rumors started last night, tweeting that the sources were saying the Cardinals and Oswalt were closing in on a deal.  Duquette added that the Red Sox and Astros were “still in the mix” for the veteran. Continue Reading…

Barefoot Bandit Sentenced To Six Years In Prison

Barefoot Bandit Sentenced To Six Years In Prison: A federal judge in Seattle has sentenced “Barefoot Bandit” Colton Harris-Moore to six-and-a-half years in prison for his infamous two-year, international crime spree of break-ins and boat and plane thefts that ended in 2010.

Mr. Harris-Moore was arrested in the Bahamas when authorities shot out the motor of a boat he stole. He arrived there after making a daring cross-country dash in stolen boats and cars, stealing a plane in the central state of Indiana and crash-landing it off the Bahamas. Continue Reading…

Demi Moore 911 Call She Smoked Something

English: Demi Moore at the 2010 Time 100.

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Demi Moore 911 Call She Smoked Something: “Send an ambulance right now. This is an emergency.”

So begins the dramatic 911 call, in which Demi Moore’s friends are desperately trying to get an ambulance to the actress’ Beverly Hills home as quickly as possible, which was released this morning by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

On the heavily redacted recording, which lasts about 10 minutes, one of Moore’s friends begins arguing with the dispatcher amid confusion over which agency covers the neighborhood and should be sending paramedics.

“Why is there not an ambulance coming now?” the woman says testily before explaining what caused the star to “act crazy.” Continue Reading…