Why Aren’t You Watching Justified

Why Aren’t You Watching Justified: At first glance, Justified looks like the illegitimate love child of The Dukes of Hazard and Law and Order. Being a fan of neither show, I skipped the first season. Earlier this year, I saw a playful promo for the show where the main character was discussing the Han Solo vs. Greedo “Who shot first?” debate. This ad said, “Alright, give it a shot.” On the recommendation of the commercial, I borrowed the first season from a friend and gave the show a shot. Gripped by the backwoods antics of Deputy US Marshall Raylan Givens, I watched the entire season in only the matter of a few days.The show opens with legendary US Marshall Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) delivering a dramatic ultimatum to the Miami crime lord that shot his partner. In typical Western fashion, the criminal is given until noon to leave town and never come back. Noon strikes and Givens, as promised, shoots the man in plain sight. Despite the findings that the shooting was “justified”,Rayland and his trademark cowboy hat are sent to Lexington, KY and he soon returns to his old stomping grounds — the coal mining, country music-playing Harlan County. Having grown up the heir apparent of the local crime family, he is somewhat infamous in Harlan County and is quickly pulled into the internal politics of his hometown. Givens brings a slightly different kind of justice one might find from Law and Order or CSI and is more along the lines of Jack Bauer or Vic Mackey with a cowboy hat; conducting himself much like a old school frontier sheriff. Continue Reading…

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