Be Heart Less

Be Heart Less: Have you ever thought about not having a heart? What if you had the option to be heart-less? Imagine this, you would just not have to feel any pain, sadness, hurt, anger, worry…But also you would not know joy, love, care and much more. What if you just had to use your brain? Balance everything in your life rationally. No feelings, emotions, just like a machine; true or false, zero or one, a good achievement or an error. Everything would seem very rational and reasonable, according to your own mathematics. No heartaches, no crying, no disappointments…Life would have never been easier, right?
However, practically if there was really such a choice, you wouldn’t be alive. All your body functions just depend on the heart. No heart, no life. I believe this is such a great symbolic hint from God that shows us the importance of emotions in our life. Without a heart, you might think it would have been much easier, but it’s really impossible. We would just turn into robots, everyone just doing all those calculations inside their heads, every step made is mentally pre-balanced and well-planned, no matter how it will affect others or anything around you, because you would not have the ability to worry or care and others would not feel anything in return too.
I think the heart is such a priceless gift from God to us humans. To know happiness, you must feel sad at times to appreciate it. Sometimes we MUST take risks in life in order to be happy; jump off the bridge, act foolish, attempt the impossible and you will be surprised. Everything should not just be balanced according to the brain. It’s okay, or rather useful, to feel sad, hurt, angry sometimes…It’s part of the whole life package. Maybe it will just feel fine not to have a heart, but in return you will never know the taste of happiness, love, care, appreciation, encouragement, support…
Wrapping up, I would like to end it with one of my favorite quotes that says it all:”Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy. Robert Anthony”

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