President of Taiwan Is Re-elected, a Result That Appears to Please China

President of Taiwan Is Re-elected, a Result That Appears to Please China: President Ma Ying-jeou to a comfortable margin Sunday, a challenge to their main opponent Tsai Ing-who criticized his handling of the economy, but also is demanding that China Mr MA was eroding the sovereignty of the island broadly conciliatory approach fear to exploit voter, was fending off Wen was elected to a second term Beijing Mr MOM The trade and transportation agreements with a variety of cross-strait reconciliation to match their enthusiasm to suit since he first appears. was elected in 2008,Taiwanexports to China and there are investment, increased more than three million mainland tourists have visited Taiwan. Continue Reading…

John Edwards To Undergo Heart Surgery

John Edwards To Undergo Heart Surgery: John Edwards is battling a life-threatening heart condition that will require surgery next month and delay his criminal trial again, a court heard today.

The 58-year-old former Democratic presidential candidate is facing trial inNorth Carolinafor allegedly abusing $1million of campaign finances.

But Judge Catherine Eagles delayed the trial until at least March 26 and said he should avoid driving and travel – including to court proceedings.

Edwards walked into the courtroom inGreensborowithout assistance and appeared healthy. Judge Eagles had requested that he be there.

His cardiologist wrote two letters to Judge Eagles but no details were revealed about what sort of surgery or what illness Edwards may have. Continue Reading…

Italy Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Aground Near Giglio

Italy Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Aground Near Giglio: There were scenes of panic as the Costa Concordia hit a sandbar on Friday evening near the island of Giglio and listed about 20 degrees.

Most people reached land by lifeboats but some swam to shore.

At least 50 people have not yet been accounted for, Italian officials say, but they caution that the passenger list may not be fully up to date.

Coast guard vessels are combing the waters around the ship, while divers are searching the submerged decks.

The regional prefect’s office said 4,165 out of 4,234 people on board had been accounted for, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.

Italian, German, French and British nationals were among the 3,200 passengers on board. There were also 1,000 crew.

Three people were confirmed dead, Italian coast guard officials said on Saturday morning – fewer than the six or eight deaths reported by Italian media earlier. Fourteen people were injured. Continue Reading…

Yankees land Michael Pineda for Jesus Montero Sign Kuroda

Yankees land Michael Pineda for Jesus Montero Sign Kuroda: The New York Yankees, rebuffed in recent years to find a legitimate No. 2 starter behind ace CC Sabathia, got a pair of arms who could be up to that task when they acquired young right-hander Michael Pineda from the Seattle Mariners Friday for top hitting prospect Jesus Montero, and later signed free-agent right-hander Hiroki Kuroda. Read More…

Heather Locklear Hospitalized After 911 Call

Heather Locklear Hospitalized After 911 Call: actress reportedly ingested a cocktail of pills and alcohol,

How’s Heather Locklear been doing these days? There’s a question you may be asking yourself, especially considering the former Melrose Place star was taken to an L.A. hospital Thursday evening, according to TMZ. The 50-year-old is “medically stable,” her parents Bill and Diane Locklear told People magazine in a statement, and though the nature of Locklear’s health-threat hasn’t been disclosed, her mother and father told the outlet that “she is in no danger and she’s going to be just fine.”

The actress’ sister called 911 Thursday afternoon, TMZ reports, and the website has reported that a potentially life-threatening cocktail of prescription pills and alcohol is suspected to be behind her ER visit. Continue Reading…

Judge Says John Edwards Has Serious Heart Condition

Judge Says John Edwards Has Serious Heart Condition: John Edwards’ federal corruption trial was delayed for 60 days Friday so the former presidential hopeful can receive treatment for a “serious” but unspecified heart condition, The News & Observer reported.

Judge Catherine Eagles agreed to delay the trial for at least two months.

Eagles said in court that she had received letters from two cardiologists indicating that Edwards has “a serious condition,” but one that is treatable. The doctors have scheduled a procedure for February to treat the condition. Continue Reading…