Right To Work House Democrats

Right To Work House Democrats: House Democrats brought state lawmaking to a halt in Indiana for much of this week, refusing for a third straight day on Friday to come out to their chamber floor in a procedural effort to stop “right to work” legislation at the center of a mounting battle over unions here. But by Friday afternoon Republicans in the Senate succeeded in moving the measure out of a committee to the full Senate, where passage is likely next week. And by the end of the day, even Democrats in the House — who could face steep fines for not attending the session in the coming days — seemed to hint that there was only so much they could do to stop the provision from eventual adoption. Read More…

Hollywood’s Battle Of The Bulge

Hollywood’s Battle Of The Bulge: Thin and then there is scary skinny LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian finally. newlyweds their schedules cleared and Cabo San Lucas for their honeymoon jetted. Rimes warm Mexican Sun to appear under her thin frame. Fortunately, stripped down yet on January 5 while vacationing inMauihealthy frame, which frame a shrinking Rimes appears to have been criticized, found out.

Season four premiere of the MTV hit "Jersey Shore" left. … Wondering what happened to the body of JWOWW? many show audience! After his dramatic weight loss by buxom brunette shocked audiences and have taken him as her new visitors who face. new reality star tweeted about most negative reviews to garner rave reviews. "an audience and j-Woww looks really awkward and skinny thinks?" tweeted.


There are very few turtles these days! ' Entourage ' Star Jerry Ferrera herself a "short, chubby Italian kid", but his recent description of slim down with, those days are apparently over.


Christina Aguilera fans were stunned when he was in a tight Black Panther and fishnet stockings, Michael Jackson tribute concert-and current rocker Ozzy wearing. daughter of e! Reporter-e to shockingly rough figure slam singer critic used powers! "S "fashion police" he called Osbourne, 26, for the fat years, "said." I was never that fat. George Kotsiopoulos, a partner host "by pointing out that it was this that proved himself getup unflattering to the situation." I am considering this and thinking, ' well, he put on weight. it is not just flattering. "he said on the show but it's just a dirty clothes, no matter what size does not matter is in your body, It is just bad.


There is a lot of Moore 's. "five,", 48, Demi Moore's premiere on September 26 in her short film something more than just. lifetime project in support of breast cancer-stepping out-all of which deal with five short films and directed by celebrities including Alicia Keys and Jennifer Aniston Moore looked exceptionally thin. ' it's an eating disorder with restricted calories from overtraining looks more like a nutrition which Moore cure Is told RadarOnline.com.


If you have passed, Hill Street Jonah you can't recognise it. "Superbad" actor award in Los Angeles showed his slim figure on pore. According to the daily mail about 40 pounds lost since last December to 27-year-old Hill, who estimated. diet and exercise have lost weight through, Because he thought it was "your weight loss to be healthy this year, he told the Los Angeles Times," it is not fun. "he said of his efforts." I wouldn't say it's the most fun I've ever tried-in my life and I enjoy it on its important. am.


Jennifer Hudson at first when he will become the spokesperson for weight watchers Announces 2010 began her massive weight loss but in 2011, he proved that he stop there, back in February ' wan. t Hudson said, ' I go as far as I did not expect. ' apparently singer and actress still can't believe how much he is shrinking.


Kirstie Alley also can throw a lot of clothes. actress and former "dancing with the stars ' contestant, 60," entertainment tonight "that she fit into the smallest size shedding pounds in a variety of shapes." I bought clothes, now back in my element, is a staggering 100 pounds lighterFormer ' fat actress ' mind, but I said ' star. ' I honestly feel what I like. "


Ricki Lake to J.R. Martinez mirrorball trophy on "dancing with the stars", but the end result can be lost is still bad for her new slender waist. Lake to thank after months of dance method., the show started. ' I lost 25 pounds Lake trophy may be lost, But I got a small waist, "he happily said ' see '.


Another is going to trouble the Lohan, actress Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan. 17-year-old sister in Los Angeles on September 8, fresh-faced teenager he was just a few months back, appear to be a completely different person was photographed looking like. Ali's new about most alarmingly her dramatic weight loss. other notable changes include lips Fuller looking, a narrower nose, cheekbones and defined that speculation as to whether teens recently have had plastic surgery has been raised her lighter, longer hair, as well as playing some wild new eyebrows, Ali.


Heidi Montag June 19 wet Republic party, spent 14 hours a day in the gym that evidence really pay off in Las Vegas was a hot new bikini bod rocking. "I, like, 5 pm to 7 pm now, has been out for two months," she told UsMagazine.com working. ' I was really tough because I have this pool party and I was like I have to stay in shapeHas worked, '' and I really had a lot more weight, "that is to say, he weighed 130 pounds in her huge 5 ' 2" reality star, added.


A whole lot less Carrie Fisher's get ready to watch. ' Star Wars ' actress, 54, his 50-pound weight loss in "today show" began during a 24 August presence, and revealed that two of its famous Princess Leia metal pieces to wear to be able to have a step closer. "I metal bikini and floating around the House like an idiot to want, ' He joked to host Ann Curry. "answered: ' the Bell? This old thing? "... I have a line with metal swimsuit for women over 40 will come if you want dignity, you wear over 40 metal bikini.


Raven-Symone is not just a new TV show she also go with it as a new body for the new ABC family series is ' the State of Georgia with her TV begins again, then frame, thanks to a whopping 70 pound weight loss is shrinking.


Kendra Wilkinson as far ' Dancing with the stars "competition in which he had hoped, but it has to be some and pride as it made the 25-year-old blond beauty can not have ABC dance competition show lasted seven weeks and on his old body back along the way. ' I size 2 or 4 dancing with the stars" was done before and now I have a size 0 am, "she revealed to life & style.

Gingrich Accuses Romney of Pious Bbaloney

Gingrich Accuses Romney of Pious Bbaloney: Newt Gingrich accused Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney of “pious baloney” Sunday for saying he’s not a career politician, demanding in campaign debate that Romney “just level with the American people.”

Romney denied the accusation briskly. “Politics is not my career,” he said. “My life’s passion has been my family, my faith, my country.”

The exchange — and another one in which Rick Santorum swapped jibes with Romney — marked in the opening moments of the second half of a weekend debate doubleheader in the run-up to next Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. Read More…

Republican Debate Sunday Serves 2012

Republican Debate Sunday Serves 2012: The Republican presidential candidates came live Sunday morning during their second debate in 12 hours, trading verbal blows and taking on frontrunner Mitt Romney in a way that had been expected the previous evening.


Romney deftly swatted back the attacks, showing once again how slick a debater he has become. Nonetheless, a new overnight tracking poll showed signs of slippage in the formerMassachusettsgovernor’s lead in theGraniteState, with two days left before the first-in-the-nation primary.


The Suffolk University/7 News poll showed Romney’s support inNew Hampshiredown to 35 percent from 43 percent last Tuesday, although Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) was still double digits away at 20 percent. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman was surging in the survey to third place, with 11 percent. And former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) was also moving backwards to 8 percent, down from 11 percent just two days ago. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) was at 9 percent. Read More…

Romney Under Fire In Second New Hampshire Debate

Romney Under Fire In Second New Hampshire Debate: Front-runner Mitt Romney came under attack Sunday in the second Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire in two days, with rivals saying he would be unable to defeat President Barack Obama.

In heated exchanges with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Romney defended his record when he was governor in neighboring Massachusetts and said he is a consensus-builder who would be able to withstand the rigors of a “billion-dollar” campaign by the president.

Gingrich, however, accused Romney of speaking “pious baloney” by claiming he left politics in the 1990s to try other things, noting Romney lost a Senate election and his first presidential bid since leaving the governor’s office. Read More…

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of 2009 winner Kylie Bisutti

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Introducing Angel contest winner Kylie Bisutti of 2009.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of 2009 winner Kylie Bisutti: Victoria’s secret fashion shows of stunning models Forum 2009 NYC during lingerie to show the latest Heidi Klum-what your third take. childbirth was a mere six weeks ago-no other host on the show, set to air on CBS at 1 December, as well as lingerie-clad beauties, a demo by the black eyed peas bevy features the year’s theme is “Romantic travel” Enchanted forest, Star Trooper, and singular categories and features like all aboard.