Teen Mom Two Star Leah Messer Responds to Pregnancy and Engagement Rumor

Teen Mom Two Star Leah Messer Responds to Pregnancy and Engagement Rumor: Soon her pregnancy and engagement rumours Web hits, “teen mom 2” Star Leah Messer is a cryptic message that the question is whether or not the report is right to get an answer is believed to be tweets. “If I never trusted before you, do you all think I can trust you. # SadButTrue,” he writes.

It’s rumored that 19-year-old Leah, who already had two children, another child of the first run of us weekly. Additionally, it is reported that he is engaged to her boyfriend Jeremy Calvert. “Leah just holidays and is pregnant with another child engaged,” says a source. “he is very excited!”
While Leah was rumored to Dodge questions about the truth, her fiance Jeremy reportedly confirmed it. “Yes, my baby Leah! I was at work when Leah called to tell me he got blood work done. and it came back positive. first I was like, but I was happy to be surprised-he reportedly reality weekly.
Rumor has it, was not in pregnancy planning and Leah was on birth control. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to pop the question Jeremy. words, he got her a 1 Carat princess cut diamond and presented it to her on Christmas day and spending time with her children while.
Leah Corey Simms dating after a month pregnant with her first child only. Aliannah to the twins, “Ali Aleeah” hope and grace, in mid-December 2009. just before the first birthday tots, couples walking down the aisle. including a rough path to end last April before divorcing their children went through dealing with health issues.

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