Julian Assange Wants to be The Next Mark Zuckerberg

Julian Assange Wants to be The Next Mark Zuckerberg: Wikileaks Twitter friends today, unveiled a mysterious social networks on it are people who think their personal information is safe in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

“The secret” Wikileaks “project beta Facebook Killer soon wlfriends.org,” Wikileaks tweeted.
More information on the site; Trying to access “that we don’t have a registration” token request call., Who is information we value … it is an official site Wikileaks to Julian Assange. all public employes, entered an account, go to register for stat! In the past Assange as local “Wikileaks friends” chapter to make it be perhaps some sort of network of supporters, Wikileaks is over. So, Wikileaks is a social network, but now still no crack submission system at the end of his true calling is probably Assange tech entrepreneur has realized next up: Wikileaks ‘ Groupon clone!.

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