How did Alexandra Wallace get into UCLA

How did Alexandra Wallace get into UCLA: He is known as Alexandra Wallace you’ve probably heard of racist “UCLA girl” she currently death Library Asian student cell phone dangers due to his stupidity against using YouTube rant. He has released a public apology in the school newspaper, but I’m sure he still has any future as stripper or Penthouse Pet comes off with all his written above that you Agree with.

Watch videos featuring her vocals, and house music remix, you “it is a political science major at UCLA? Might ask WTF? “How does someone who wants to shape future policy that the information about current events? How they can do that in this day and age to be racist and culturally insensitive?
How a person that both cases and maginfy tap Next insulting people with more of a bimbo obliviousness to display a field that has a triple earthquake tsunami nuclear meltdown is suffering from the devastation to the roots?
And then posted this rant to crazy in public? We are now in the matrix that our media world.. everything we (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc) are now recorded and broadcasted; You did not realize that by now you will cut down the size eventually Darwinism haisamajik. currently, Wallace to throw out of school is a very popular movement and you wonder how is it like an idiot at UCLA in the first place but it is anyway., no matter since even though the school decided to drop out of school his disciplined against Wallace.
At least have her bikini because it probably Wallace in public policy is going to be hard to get a job to make some money, Michelle Bachmann, modeling career, but then Christine o ‘ Donnell and Sarah Palin are about the same intelligent level, and they have made a career in politics.

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